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The new "My Workspace"

By M_a_r_k ·
The new Workspace is pretty cool and I like the added features. But what happened to the rest of TR after the Workspace was upgraded? Things haven't been working worth a crap ever since the so-called upgrade. The whole web site has been running pretty slow. And our old friend "Page not found" has come back with a vengeance. I'm getting a ton of those. And "Page cannot be displayed" too, which leads me to believe the server is croaking. And here's another one. On the rare occasions the "View all posts from my contacts" does load, the text is pushed off to the far right side of the browser window. The columns aren't lined up under their heading. It loads correctly at first but right before it finishes loading the text makes a beeline to the edge of the page.

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I blame Google and Yahoo!

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to The new "My Workspace"

Seriously, the issue isn't our servers. When we push out new stuff like this, all the search indexers and bots get signalled to reindex our site. Our entire site. At length.

We launched on Saturday and thought the system would be fully indexed by today, but apparently some bots take the weekend off. We've been getting steadily crushed for three days now. (Plus, the new system is building all our caches on the fly, but that's a separate issue.)

In any case, the problem should dissipate with the bots, hopefully some time today. If it doesn't, we'll put a hit out on Terry Semel, Larry Page and Sergei Brin. That's the only thing these search mafiosos understand.

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Workspace and Blogs

by BFilmFan In reply to I blame Google and Yahoo!

I noticed that I couldn't hit your, Jason's or Sonja's blogs yesterday when I was doing my daily readings from their "My Workspace" page.

I thought you might want to get your coders looking at that.

Y'all keep your heads down with that nasty weather headed your way. We had bad windstorms here in Arid-zona this weekend, not to mention, snow in Phoenix!

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On the weather issue and more

by rob mekel In reply to Workspace and Blogs

We had a 1+ mtr (say 3.5') of snow on Thursday/Friday, but that was in the french alps and a .5 mtr (2') on the road in the ardennes (Belgian and Luxemburg). Nasty conditions to drive in.

The workspace sure does look nice to me.
I had a couple of "Page not found" and "Page cannot be displayed" on the search/find requests.


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Did you say snow in Phoenix???

by M_a_r_k In reply to Workspace and Blogs

As in Phoenix, Arizona? What in the world is up with that? That should put an end to all those theories about global warming.

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Even spring in the UK

by Neil Higgins In reply to Did you say snow in Phoen ...

has gone awol,with snow for many,plus loads more to come,apparently.On the site issue,I could not get anywhere this morning,after logging in.Now I know that certain "bots" could/have been fired,I feel a lot better.Keep up the good work,I like this site.

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Yup, snow here too.....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Even spring in the UK

just about melted away now, but this morning it was still powdery and blowing all over the place. Lots of drifts in unusual places!

Was fascinating watching the new baby rabbits assessing that white stuff, though!

Glad you said you couldn't get in either; I had the techies in here checking every blessed thing this end this morning!


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by stargazerr In reply to Yup, snow here too.....

We have only had 4 continuous days of rain in london ...

Seems like we have stepped over spring this year ...


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stepped over

by rob mekel In reply to Thankfully

So it's sunny in London, is it now! lol

Overhere (Amsterdam) it is sunny but cold (-7 C @ night). Weather forcast is giving the sign that spring is delayed by 5 weeks. (How in this cosmos is that possible)

Post from my contact though, is working fine with me. :)
And I love the contacts online part. :)
Now if there was a link on my last posts (other then clicking the keep me informed button), that would be great :)


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I didnt say

by stargazerr In reply to Thankfully

that it is sunny in london ... It has just stopped raining ... <whew>

You have a bit of research to do about weather in England Rob ;\


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yeb will do

by rob mekel In reply to Thankfully

Sorry, was thinking after rain comes sunshine, guess that's not true for London then.

You had some wet conditions then, sometimes I like wet conditions :0 , but not outside :0 :0 :^0 (oops did I really type that.)

Better no sun then rain if I may choose, is it not. lol :) Rain is such a drooling weather type, doesn?t bring a good mood to me. Snow however is more the type I like. That is, when I?m not in my car but on the mountain slopes doing some skiing, special with some sunny weather. :)


edited for right typing the emoticons (very confusing now a day's)

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