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The number of the beast

By mjwx ·
Today (tomorrow for you yanks) is the 6th of June 2006 or 6/6/6. Although I missed 6:06:06 6/6/06 this morning.

To celebrate this milestone **** (Michigan) is planning some festivities.,10117,19364690-13762,00.html

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hope NeverBusted fills us in

by jdclyde In reply to The number of the beast

as he lives there.

I am thinking of swinging buy, as I have to go down to Clarkston for a while, which is about 45 minutes ride to the east, I believe?

Have to check out the distances and see if I can make it.

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Well JD, Go to ****

by mjwx In reply to hope NeverBusted fills us ...

and enjoy yourself when you get there. :)

NeverBusted lives in ****, I feel sorry for him. I only work there.

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**** would be an improvement

by jdclyde In reply to Well JD, Go to hell

to my old married life! :0

I was let out for bad behavior.

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Bad Behavior

by mjwx In reply to hell would be an improvem ...

Wouldn't that be an incentive to be kept in?

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To be on the safe side..

by maecuff In reply to The number of the beast

If you run across anyone today who smells a bit burnt and offers to buy your soul, don't do it.

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NOW she tells me!

by neilb@uk In reply to To be on the safe side..

As I don't believe in it, I thought that I was onto a good thing.

He was a Greek-Irish guy, Murphy Stoffelis, and he offered me ten years of pleasure for it. Seemed like a bargain at my age!


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I thought he was Strong Muldoon!

by X-MarCap In reply to NOW she tells me!

When he put his little finger in the fence....

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You know..

by maecuff In reply to NOW she tells me!

I'm with you. I don't really believe in the whole heaven/****/God/Devil bit, but it doesn't hurt to play it safe and NOT sell your soul.

Unless you're offered a LOT of money. Then sell.

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