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The only good news is bad news ...

By jardinier ·
There have been a number of lively discussions at TR over the last few months, many relating to the war in Iraq (before, during and after), and other non technical discussions have elicited lively debate ... notably the double-barrelled brink/welfare.
In Australia we were in suspense for many months wondering if John Howard would stand down as Prime Minister before the next election, and wondering if there would a be a leadership challenge in the Federal Oppostion.
John is staying on, and KimBeazley suffered a rather inglorious defeat when he challenged Simon Crean for the Labor leadership.
Suddenly there is no news, only history. And everyone is getting bored. It appears that the human psyche thrives on drama and violence, preferablyat someone elses's expense rather than one's own. We strive for peace and security and, when we attain it for a brief period, we becomed bored again. Do humans need to experience (vicariously if necessary) stress, drama and violence in order to feelalive?

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Basic Human need

by TheChas In reply to The only good news is bad ...

The human body by design thrives on adrenalin.

Witness the advent of Extreme Sports and other thrill seeking activities.

If we do not have some activity that feeds our need for an adrenalin rush, we will create a way to get the rush.

This is a basic survival mechanism much like the pleasure from the activity of procreation.


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Adequate reply ...

by jardinier In reply to Basic Human need

Hi Chas. It seems that your answer was so correct and adequate that no-one else can think of anything to add. I, too, find your answer adequate to explain my observations.

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No News Is Bad News, Since When?

by LJPW In reply to Adequate reply ...

Sorry Chas, I'm thinking you've mistaken a twentieth century addiction to adrenaline for "condition normal."

Western society, from Europe to Australia to N America has constructed a system that demands "instant" and when that doesn't occur naturally, creates it.

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At last, a bite ....

by jardinier In reply to No News Is Bad News, Sinc ...

I can certainly relate the "instant gratification" syndrome as I am a victim of it myself. However I doubt that it is limited to the three continents you mention.
Now it so happens that I have a friend (aged 37) who is a Buddhist nun fresh from mainland China. Because of her lack of English, she has a secretary who translates emails for her. Xing was frequently asking me to explain the various stages of the Iraq war. Additionally she is far more impatient than myself.

Another friend of mine, also from mainland China, who has his own computer business, is addicted to challenges. He is at his happiest when he is battling wits with a cantankerous computer.

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Mental activity

by 1stladytech In reply to The only good news is bad ...

I think it is more the need for mental activity, be it working on a problem computer, discussing war, politics or religion, or whatever holds your interest. The human being seems to crave and seek challenges as a way to increase our mental capacityand "sharpen the wits" so to speak. I know that I don't sit well, I have to get up and get to doing something, so I will create a diversion if none are available to me. As far as the extreme sports, these are usually people that have been conditioned to rapid changes in stimulation (through TV, games, etc) that have a very short attention span so they are constantly striving to stay with one thing no more than a few minutes. But the adreneline rush is very addictive.


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