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The other 2004 election winner: Osama bin Laden

By Aldanatech ·
Now that the elections are over, let's look at one of the other winners: Osama bin Laden. The president's champions can bray all they want about how Bush understands the central issue of our time ? that we're fighting World War IV against Islamic fascism ? but the fact remains that, three years after 9/11, bin Laden is issuing tapes mocking the president, America's emergency services still aren't prepared for another attack, and the war on terror has taken a disastrous detour into Iraq. Unable to conceive of fighting militant Islam with anything other than guns, Bush and his "you are either for us or against us" manner have turned much of the non-Islamic world fervently against the U.S. You can only imagine how much stronger these feelings are in the Islamic world. On Election Day, bin Laden's dream came true: America re-elected his greatest recruiting tool.

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Oh please

by JamesRL In reply to The other 2004 election w ...

I didn't agree with Bush on Iraq, but neither did I hear from Kerry any good ideas on how to resolve it or how to stop bin Laden.

If you have some great ideas, go on spill them. I am truly interested.

If all you can do is be a one note song - then what is the point.


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Dude, you need to get a grip

by ND_IT In reply to The other 2004 election w ...

If all your going to do is dwell on this election, you have no hope for the future. Most people, except the select few like yourself and Bucky can't seem to get past that. Get over it, it's over, time to start looking ahead, not backward.

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Yep and in two years time

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dude, you need to get a g ...

It will all start over again but this time with different players, but there will be one certainty.

Whoever is in the running will be a Politician and you get 2 years of "cam paining" till your next election.

How in God's name do you put up with all this election running and coverage?


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****, they already talking about 2 years from now

by ND_IT In reply to Yep and in two years time

How do we put up with it? We just hit the off button on the TV or skip reading the news sites on the web, but we are never going to get away from it, it's always going to be here, might as well accept that.

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Osama bin Laden campaigned for Kerry

by maxwell edison In reply to The other 2004 election w ...

Are you suggesting that Osama bin Laden was acting on behalf of the best interests of the American people? Are you serious?

In the "October Surprise" video (or so it's been called) released by Osama bin Laden, he clearly threatened more violence against Americans if they voted for George Bush. It was a friggin' campaign video designed to help John Kerry win.

Unfortunately for both bin Laden and Kerry, most Americans didn't buy it. In fact, it probably HELPED the Bush campaign just like the Michael Moore movie helped; just like the Dan Rather-gate ploy helped the Bush campaign; just like all the other "hate speech" helped the Bush campaign.

Osama bin Laden, although he is still (apparently) alive, is literally getting his *** kicked. He can't show his ugly face outside the dismal cave in Pakistan (or Iran) in which he's hiding; a large percentage of his "officers" have been killed or captured; his merry gang of thugs who swarmed to Iraq are learning what a U.S. Marine is really made of; dozens (or hundreds) of additional terrorist attempts have been thwarted; and he knows that he will eventually either be killed or is destined to live the rest of his miserable life as a reclusive and barbaric troglodyte.

And if you want to know how things are really going in Iraq, instead of listening to your democrat underground sources or Katie Couric, you should listen to Marine Lt. General Michael DeLong or Army General Tommy Franks.

And you dare to suggest that "America's emergency services still aren't prepared for another attack"? Oh really? On what authority do you presume to make such a ludicrous claim? And on what authority can you accurately determine and declare the number of terrorist attempts that have been intercepted and/or thwarted? I'll give you a hint, there has been more than one and less than a thousand terror attempts on American soil stopped before it happened. How is that not prepared? Go back to September 12, 2001, and remember all the predictions of more terror attacks on American soil in the coming months or years; remember the predictions of terror attacks designed to disrupt our election. Were they not attempted, or were they attempted but thwarted? I assure you, my friend, it's more likely that it was the latter.

Now get over it. Your guy lost. And you should just get on with your life.

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Well said

by Garion11 In reply to Osama bin Laden campaigne ...

It is unbelievable that these people can't get past the results. I dunno whether to laugh or feel sorry for these loonies.

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No space for a little fun these days any more

by Aldanatech In reply to Osama bin Laden campaigne ...

Gee Max, I didn't expect you would take this so seriously. What I'm trying to do is take a little time to kick back and relax now that the elections are over; but it seems that we no longer have space for a little fun these days. As for the Bin Laden video, keep in mind that he was not actually endorsing either candidate. He explicitly said that our security in not on the hands on either one of them, and that we would not see another Manhattan if we just stop supporting Israel and not threat their religion. As for Iraq, I don't actually check any of the democrat underground sources. In fact, I don't even know who Katie Couric is. For that I just check the news. Now, why do I dare to suggest that "America's emergency services still aren't prepared for another attack"? Well, just a few days ago, a guy passed over security at ground zero and killed himself as a way to protest against Bush's re-election.

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Ahhhh ... so that's what happened to WWIII

by G.Brown In reply to No space for a little fun ...

Yeah, don't sweat it :)

I found it funny (well the knee jerk ... neo-con type responses anyway).

LOL, I mean, we all know the kind of stuff that the likes of Marine Lt. General Michael DeLong or Army General Tommy Franks generally come up with.

I remember when the reporters were in Iraq pre-war and saying on the tv report that they are under the local "reporting restrictions" from the Baathists.

And, now whenever you see an embedded type reporter they always start off with something like "under reporting restrictions".

I just call it .... propoganda!!

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Yea, Right - You Were "Joking"

by maxwell edison In reply to No space for a little fun ...

I suppose that's why you continued to defend your ludicrous statements.

You cite a guy blowing his own brains out in New York City as proof that "America's emergency services still aren't prepared for another attack"? That's a bit of a stretch, don't you think?

Is there security at the site of the fallen WTC towers? Maybe a construction company security guard or two. Now if he did the deed in the hallway outside the oval office, you might have a point. But he did it at the location of the number one tourist destination in New York. Hundreds of people flock there every day. Thousands of people go there every week. Sidewalk vendors sell souvenirs and brats. Some go to pay tribute; some go to gawk; and one guy went to **** his brains out. So what's your point?

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Then perhaps you can explain the missing tons of explosives

by Aldanatech In reply to Yea, Right - You Were "Jo ...

As for the guy in the fallen WTC towers, that was just a minor example. My major concern is the 380 tons of explosives that the administration failed to secure in Iraq. Why weren't they properly secured? Aren't you concerned that they will be used either on our troops out there or even in here in American soil?

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