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The Piano man mystery

By Oz_Media ·
While wading throught the heaps of articles on the accusations of the OFF scandals the daily spew about America's involvement, or lack of, Russia's purchases (apparently for a US company) and Galloways flight to the US to try and clear his own name, I ran into a VERY interesting and finally non-political article.

THE PIANO MAN++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The Piano man was found wandering in England wearing a tux (soaking wet). He was admitted to hospital where he ws seemingly suffering from amnesia or something as they coudn't get him to speak to share his name. They gave him a pen and paper in hopes that he would write his name down, but instead he drew a picture of a grand piano, they lead him to the piano and he started playing a "virtuoso classical piano performance"that left them all quite awed.

He hasn't spoken a word, they don't even know i fhe speaks English or not, and the really ODD part, no tags on his clothes (all have been removed) and no ID to speak of.

WHat is THS guys story?

Perhaps someone who TRIED comitting suicide, didn't WANT to be identified?

Someone threw him overboard, again removing his clothng tags for ID reasons?

Is he perhaps a concert pianist who simply went missing and fell overboard, tags being remobed MAY be completely unrelated?

Who knows, but they sure want to find out.


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Is it!!!

by Black Panther In reply to The Piano man mystery

Osama Bin Laden ( clean shaven ) :) :) **LOL**

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Other Articles

by BFilmFan In reply to The Piano man mystery

Perhaps this will help whet your appetite for the story also:,10117,15313808-38200,00.html

And just for the really weird factor:

Corpse Punches Coroner (Must have thought he was The Tall Man, Angus Scrimm)

For those with a taste in weird news, I highly recommend:

The Anomalist

Fortean Times

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Cool thanx

by Oz_Media In reply to Other Articles

They had a half hour news report on him last night too.

Aparently it isn't VEY recent, due to the nature of the issue, they kept it quiet in case of a crime or possible hit.

They have decided to make it public now to try and get SOME sort of reply from him. So far no go.

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Weird, hey?

by Skidoggeruk In reply to The Piano man mystery

Apparently, "they" are contacting Eastern European countries now. I am guessing he has jumped/fell/pushed off a boat? Maybe he has had a breakdown. Good Luck to him anyway.

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not you too

by house In reply to The Piano man mystery

I remeber hearing the story on the news and thinking 'what a goof'. Sorry, I'm not quite as enchanted by the crack-pot as others seem to be. The guy plays a mean piano, but as far as his mystery goes... if you want to say something, go ahead, else play the stupid piano.

The guy had a nervous breakdown, cut all the tags off his clothes in an attempt to free himself from the confines of our material world, and took a walk down to the beach to pass out on the edge of the friggin tide.

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by Skidoggeruk In reply to not you too

Cruel, but funny

hey, they are now guessing Scottish, as he responded to a Saltire. Well, that or Jamaican.

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by Salamander In reply to not you too

The dude had a nervous breakdown. I'm betting, however, that he tried to kill himself, and something went wrong. If he cut out the tags of his clothes, so that his body couldn't be identified...maybe he was quite serious about disappearing himself. Probably a quite serious attempt, if he didn't leave any identifying info to 'get back' at whoever/whatever had upset him.

Alternatively, the guy could be compulsive, and maybe none of his clothes in his closet have tags. Stranger things have happened. Maybe he finally had a 'break' of some variety.

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by house In reply to Agree...

...fine job of hiding.

I shouldn't judge - I just don't believe in the hype when it comes to such incidents. I'm tired of hearing about other people's eccentricities, celebrity or not.

In fact, I'm tired of world news in general - maybe that's why I'm so cynical.

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What do you mean by hype?

by Oz_Media In reply to ha

VERYeryuite a while.

This is also nothing like some sort of celecrity issue and doesn't neccessarily have anything to do with eccentricity, it is purely unknown, just speculation.

I too thought maybe he had just decided to pack it in and failed, therefore is even more recluse than before.

But there's little or no HYPE over it, it was just an interesting story of a mystery piano man, you don't have to be interested if you don't want to be though.

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hype enough...

by house In reply to What do you mean by hype? have Oz_Media dedicate an entire thread to it on a tech forum.

ooohh... touche!!! heh

Besides - I saw it in almost every newspaper and news brief for two days.

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