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The Poker Player!

By areets ·
Saddam knew where the US led forces nerve centre laid. The US has an entire state that?s financed on gambling. He played a simple game of poker. Trying to beat the Americans at what they are apparently good at.

If he got the nerve centre out then he would have won, but that was not meant to be.

Yes, it is extremely possible that his entire ?mass weapon of destruction? was destroyed, but still possessing that great media, paper.

He?ll probably go down as the greatest poker player.

Objectively looked and he kept that critical eye on the US led nerve centre.

Stop looking for what is very much not there. Look for what?s there, the poker player.


Andrew Reets

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Interesting Thought

by Oldefar In reply to The Poker Player!

So Saddam is in your opinion a great poker player? Would you care to join us Saturday night for a friendly game? Bring your cash card.

Targeting a known site is not particulary insightful. Using that site knowing full well that it will mostlikely be targeted, but betting on your hole card (missle defense system) is a bit more of gambler's instinct.

Saddam played a good game for a number of years. He ran his bluff against the world for decades. However, he forgot the basic rules -know when to hold, know when to fold, know when to walk away, and know when to run. He had a chance to fold and run with his winnings. He did not. President Bush was not going to be bluffed while holding all the aces. A good poker player would have known that. Did Saddam think world opinion would act carry him through? Did he think he could continue to run a bluff? Or did he forget he was bluffing and start believing his own scam?

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by Oldefar In reply to Interesting Thought

I don't want to claim credit for someone else's work - has the lyrics to The Gambler, written by Kenny Rogers.

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