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The poor folks in Barriere!

By Oz_Media ·
Many of you may remember last years fires in British Columbia and how one town, with one main employer was destroyed due to a cigarette carelesly tossed from someone working on a roof. The key employer, a lumber mill and many homes were literally wiped out. This resulted in evacuation Barriere and many surrounding areas as it raged on, it burned the Kettle Valley Railway trestle bridges-a strong part of BC heritage (that are already being rebuilt to original specifications), and thousands of hectares of BC forest

Well this year, the ice has been damming up major waterways around BC, including Barierre. These guys, whilst in the midst of rebuilding their lives once again are now living under threat of evacuation as the area (and other places in BC) has been stated as a dangerous disaster area due to potential flooding and possible damn breaches.

I gotta say, let these poor people build new lives already!

This isn't a guy who builds a new mobile home in tornado alley every year, this is an area that has been generally safe and left alone until recently.

It just blew me away when I saw this, some people juct can't seem to find a break! Sure it makes us stronger as individuals and communities but I think they found that bond already.

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So - What is your point, really?

by CfK In reply to The poor folks in Barrier ...

Are you railing at the 'injustices' dealth out by nature?
Do you want to build a support fund?
or are you jealous you can't find a similar bonding in your life?

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by Oz_Media In reply to So - What is your point, ...

Your inability to comprehend is completely accurate.

Nice post!

I note that some fellow Canadians have had a real bad stroke of luck twice in a row and you answer with such a flippant and **** response.

I'm certainly glad you aren't a citizen where I am.

Yes I wish to sue mother nature, that's my true intent, damn you're sharp, as a ball.

They have a support fund for Barriere and those who lost their homes in the fire last year (before those same firefighters were called straight to California)if you wish to offer aid yourself, perhaps you could make a point out of posting just how much you helped too.

What a putz.

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Takes all kinds to make the world go 'round

by amcol In reply to Yes

It's not worth getting nuts with anyone who takes human suffering lightly.

Maybe this has something to do with what we've been talking about in another thread...people can become so glassy eyed at the constant stream of tragedy the media reports on so gleefully that they lose all perspective.

Or, maybe it's simpler than that and you're right...the guy's just a putz.

Can you post any specific information as to how to make a contribution? I'd like to help. Thanks.

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Hey brother Oz, forget that arse hole..

by TomSal In reply to Yes

The stupidity and sheer lack of caring displayed by the few trolls we come across in life merely prove that folks like us, who do care, aren't nearly as bad as we think we are after all...So in a way the rude,ignorant and heartless folks in the world do serve a purpose -- they help the rest of us feel better about ourselves...because we aren't like them! lol

Anyway I'm sorry to hear about that tragedy in BC. I've donated to the tsunmai relief, feed the children, and even the local cops around me but I think I could still afford to give more to another cause...if there is an official support fund..send me some info here or through peer and I'll see what I can do.

take care man.

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How very kind of you

by Oz_Media In reply to Yes

Your support is appreciated of course.

IN the case of the BC fires, the Red Cross was in charge of taking donations and spreading them out as needed, mostly food, clothing and shelter.

The ice flow problems are in several areas of BC, I targeted Barriere due to their former misfortune. Should you feel inclined, you can make a tax deductable donation to the Canadian Red cross at

These people are not in such a case of hardship right now more than they are in a case of trying to put their lives and livelihoods back together when yet again threat of evacuation hangs over them. The tough people just keep picking themselves up and doing it again I suppose.

From what I can see, the need in places like Indonesia is far more urgent, Barriere homes aren't destroyed yet, but people are being moved out of harms way.

I just thought it sad that these guys can't seem to get a break. But if you feel so inclined, a donation to the Canadian Red Cross is always greatly appeciated, it helps in situations such as this AND Indonesia.

Your humanitarian concern is appreciated though, very much.

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by jdclyde In reply to How very kind of you

When you make a donation to a group like the Red Cross or whatever, make sure that the money gets earmarked for the specifc cause you are interested in. Otherwise the money goes into a general fund and will get spend where ever they feel fit to.

Also, especially now after all the big things happening there are a lot of fraudulent groups that popup to take donations and then disapear or have a high administrative overhead so that less than half of the money you donate actually gets where it should.

Places like these can help make sure that the money you give goes to help people, not line a crooks pockets.

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Red cross site has various links

by Oz_Media In reply to MAKE SURE TO SAY WHAT IT ...

You can donate to a specific cause right on the Canadian Red Cross site. It is then earmarked for the cause of your choice.

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Here you go

by Oz_Media In reply to Red cross site has variou ...

Thyis take you directly to a secured donation page where you can offer anything over $5.00 (about a dime in USD) and select where it is applied, Tsunami relief, BC Floods 2005 etc.

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for someone who claims interest in natural events

by jdclyde In reply to So - What is your point, ...

"earthquakes and other natural events, global warming" as some of your interests, you don't seem too interested in what is going on here.

What is YOUR point, really? Got nothing to say for or about yourself so your going to try to **** on someone else's parade?

I could see if he said something like "Micro$oft is better than linux", then he would have deserved to be attacked and ravaged.

There is more to the world than you and the fact that you can't get a blowjob. Get over it.

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The guy has a very visible web presence

by Oz_Media In reply to for someone who claims in ...

It's easy to see where he stand, or grovels, as it is all over the internet.

What a tool!

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