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The Rating Meter should go live this week

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
As discussed in an earlier thread, we're deploying a new signature system for discussions posts which will include a rating meter. The meter output is based on an evolving algorithm of site participation.

Now, many of you were recruited to the TRI ranks because you "set the bar" for community participation, so some of you might rightly expect to score pretty highly on this first incarnation of the meter. You will, at least relative to the rest of the group.

However, while our heavy hitters will certainly be the highest scorers, but you won't peg the meter. That's because the meter algorithm accounts for participation in features that aren't built yet. You can't score points in these areas because the areas don't exist, so don't be suprised when the best of the best still have ample opportunity to improve.

As we phase in features during 2005, I'm sure you guys will be able to race up the charts as fast or faster than anyone...especially since you'll know about the features first. So now you know.

That, and you guys are usually far better at fielding questions from the community masses than we are, so it's best to keep you informed as much as we can.


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by maxwell edison In reply to The Rating Meter should g ...

I'm looking forward to it.

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Can't wait

by house In reply to The Rating Meter should g ...

I'm really looking forward to this feature too. I think that it will promote a "tighter" and more personal Tech community here at TR.

Are the rating meter and the peer directory going to be developed during the same time frame in 2005? I can't wait to see everyone's ugly mug.

I'd like to extend a welcome to "apotheon". I've recently seen his name floating around in the Insider's threads. Good job...and welcome to the TR insiders.

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A belated welcome to you too

by maxwell edison In reply to Can't wait

I was rather surprised to see a couple of newcomers (relatively speaking, of course) to the TR Insiders group, but not disappointed in the least. You guys have made some great contributions.

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Thank you

by house In reply to A belated welcome to you ...

Thank you. I've seen all of your names in the regular discussions, and I'm glad to see that the TR members that I've often agreed with, learned something by reading their posts, or simply respected, are the same members that I see here.

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can't wait (either)

by apotheon In reply to Can't wait

Many thanks for the welcome. Many. Indeed. I'm elated to be here.

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Should be fun

by Oz_Media In reply to The Rating Meter should g ...

It'll be fun anyway, I think the first little while will be a mad scramble by many peers to get some ratings together, kind like a gold rush on TR.

I certainly hope you can restore the 'View all open questions' link in the Q&A section, it will needed, I was there for about ten minutes the other day and simply gave up, it's too much hassle trying to help people.

FIX THE LINK PLEASE JAY!!!! Wave your magic wand and whip the guys into shape, this needs to be a priority for the new rating system to take off.

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It will by fun...

by house In reply to Should be fun

...for the guys/girls who are serious about the TR community.

I just hope it doesn't spawn some new abuse patterns in the discussions area. Although, I'm not a point monger, it is a shame to see that kind of activity. Do they honestly think that their points mean anything when their posts are flagged as useless contributions?

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by Oz_Media In reply to It will by fun...

It's life, EVERY system has a way to be beaten. There will ALWAYS be people trying to beat the system. One thing you should know about TR though; There has never been any real moderators, contact with editors etc. In recent months a team has started to look at all the complaints from long time members and little quirks that TR has had and they've come forward and decided to get things sorted.

In the beginning... they made a few odd changes with no notice and everyone went crazy, then the dust settled Jay (Thy Trivius Geekus) came forth and spoketh unto us.

>"Arthur.....Arthur......KING of the Briton's...Oh don't grovel. One thing I can't stand, it's people grovelling"


>"And don't apologize! Every time I try to talk it's 'sorry this' and 'forgive me that' and 'I'm not worthy'...NOW what are you doing?!?"

-"I am averting my eyes, O lord"

>"Well don't! It's just like those miserable Psalms. They're SO KNOCK IT OFF!

-"Yes Lord."

>"Right. Arthur, King of the Britons your knoghts of the Round Table shall have a task to make an example in these dark times."

-"Good idea, O Lord!"

>"'COURSE IT'S A GOOD IDEA! Arthur behold, THIS is The Holy Grail. Look well, Arthur, for it is your sacred task to seek this grail. That is your purpose, Arthur, to seek the Holy Grail."

-"A blessing, a blessing from the Lord. God be praised!"

or something along those lines..

Anyway, he has started this group to get some input and feedback before unleashing the horrors on others. This is actually the most proactive and interesting thing I've seen done here. Sure it'll have flaws but they seem to be open to addressing these issues now. :)

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The link is coming...

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Should be fun

...we just have to cache it. I finally found out why this highly popular feature was taken down: it was a major performance issue. The link you guys privately use (and which I encourage you guys to use, so long as it isn't posted in a public thread) actually hits a live database call, which searches the entire Tech Q&A system and formulates the list. When this was public, it jammed the server pretty regularly, and as you guys notice, our system already gets jammed up enough.

Our Supreme Engineer is going to work out a clever little cache for that particular feature, so it isn't a live call, and then the link will resurface. Until then, enjoy the private privilege of the old link.


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"Private Privilage" of the old link

by maxwell edison In reply to The link is coming...

....Tell your supreme engineer to take his time.

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