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    The Real Reason Bush Will Win, Hands Down.


    by admin ·

    According to Sports Illustrated, the most popular magazine in America, readers polled believe that Bush is a better athlete than Kerry and even more importantly, hands down and by far he is considered a bigger sports fan.

    In a country where we treat our wars much like sporting events, this is a pretty important indicator.


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      If we are speaking of sports….

      by jkaras ·

      In reply to The Real Reason Bush Will Win, Hands Down.

      Then according to years of proven fact the winner of the Redskins last home game just before an election determines the winner (statistically), its never been wrong. The last time I checked the Packers absolutly man handled the Redskins this last Sunday.
      If you or anybody base their votes off who may or not be a better athlete than we are in worse trouble than I’ve ever imagined.
      As for the better athlete I give sports knowledge to Bush, but more athletic to Kerry, just because he passed a physical and fought in a war.

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        Check Kerry’s Real “War” record

        by jdgretz ·

        In reply to If we are speaking of sports….

        You might want to read the first two or three chapters of “Unfit to Command” and see why only one of the people in his company support him; why he only spent 4 months in-country when the standard tour of duty is 12-months, and why many of us Viet Nam Vets look at Kerry as a traitor – at least Jane Fonda appologized.

        Did you know Kerry was recognized by the North Viet Nam governent for his support of their war efforts and for meeting with the Hanoi delegation while the war was still being fought?

        Sorry – Kerry brought up his “War” record – now he has to live with it being examined.


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      bush was a cheerleader

      by wordworker ·

      In reply to The Real Reason Bush Will Win, Hands Down.

      for crying out loud, W was a gurly cheerleader. Kerry played soccer.

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      Put some skates on the loser

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to The Real Reason Bush Will Win, Hands Down.

      bring him here and ties some skaes on him.

      We’ll see just how athletic he is when Todd Bertuzzi runs him over, wouldn’t have to worry about his relection that’s for sure, he’d be in hospital quite a while.

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        I want my NHL !

        by tomsal ·

        In reply to Put some skates on the loser

        You just reminded me….god this sucks no NHL season this year!!! I’m having withdrawal, especially after Jan when the NFL is done.

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          by oz_media ·

          In reply to I want my NHL !

          Don’t tell anyone, I hate hockey games! SHHHHHH!

          actually i like hockey and played for a few years when I was younger. NHL is out of control though. As for NFL, well I am a CFL guy.

          Low salaries, low ticket prices, and I prefer the passing game more.

          Canuckleheads tix, $80 (fair seating, not great), and thy MAY lose?!

          CFL Lions western final tix, $29.00 GREAT seats!, packed house. Now THAT’s fun worth buying into.

          Also got free Grey Cup tix for th game in Calgary this year, ROOOOOOOAAD TRIIIIP!!!!! can’t wait, BC may just be in there!

          but hockey has pissed me off too much lately, when I worked in security at the Colliseum, I saw al the games free and ickets were $35.00, they moved to GM place (colder, too big, crqppy seating, expensive food and beer etc.) and it’s $80.00 for crappy seats! I don’t think so, TV is fine by me. NHL can go to hell until they learn how to play the game for the people for a change.

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          Grey Cup

          by bob in calgary ·

          In reply to shhhhhh

          It’s a longer road trip than you think, The Grey Cup is in Ottawa this year. Head for Calgary and keep driving for a few more days.

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