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The REAL Scandal - The UN Oil-For-Food Program

By maxwell edison ·
With estimates soaring of graft and fraud under the United Nations Oil for Food program in Iraq, we are hearing a lot about the need to "get to the bottom" of this scandal, the biggest ever to hit the U.N. To get to that bottom will need a much harder look at the top--where Secretary-General Kofi Annan himself resides.

That violates all sorts of taboos. But so, one might suppose, does a United Nations that allowed Saddam Hussein to embezzle at least $21.3 billion in oil money during 12 years, with the great bulk of that sum--a staggering $17.3 billion--pilfered between 1997-2003, on Mr. Annan's watch.

These are the record-breaking new estimates released Monday by the Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, whose staffers, despite Mr. Annan's refusal to cooperate, have spent the past seven months voyaging deep into the muck of Oil for Food. At a hearing Monday, these investigators surfaced to tell us the theft and fraud under Oil for Food was at least twice as bad as earlier reports had suggested, and that all this is just a preview of yet more appalling disclosures they expect to release early next year. Sen. Norm Coleman, the subcommittee's chairman, underscored the urgency of such investigations, noting not only that the size of the fraud "is staggering," but that some of Saddam's vast illicit stash might right now be funding terrorists and costing American lives.

Mr. Annan, by contrast, seems to inhabit a different universe--one in which the chief problem lies not in the U.N.'s complicity, including his own, in the biggest fraud in the history of humanitarian relief, but rather in the attempts to shine any light on all that sleaze.........

Where's the outrage? Where's the news coverage? And where's Dan RatherGate Rather and CBS?

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I know where it is.....

by Packet Spoofer In reply to The REAL Scandal - The UN ...

"Where's the outrage? Where's the news coverage? And where's Dan RatherGate Rather and CBS? "

Answer....attending "post election selection trauma therapy sessions"

The left NEVER mentions this one.....I wonder why?????

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by Oz_Media In reply to The REAL Scandal - The UN ...

Yeah I know Max, the corruption is sickening, and it also exists in so many areas at that level of politics it is scary, as I am sure you already know.

One of OFF programs reports to conrgress was quickly buried about 8 months ago, you may remember when I pointed out the original and then how it was grossly condensed and edited by The White House when I dug it up at a later date for another peer here. Something like 22 pages removed (kindly shown as 'ammended')that all outlined the US abuse of the OFF program and how dual purpose goods inspections, holds etc. were part of a 'tit for tat' game between Saddam and the US administration.

I guess my point is, regardless of the disgusting corruption that is brought to light, so much more is not. I am not condoning anything and not removing blame from the UN at all, I'm just pointing out how conveniently much negative information about the US abuse of the same program was removed from public eye. Perhaps to increase the effect of the other scandals?

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