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the really late in the day friday yuk

By Jaqui ·
Weird Al Yankovic: Canadian Idiot


Don't want to be a Canadian idiot

Dont want to be some beer swillin' hockey nut
and do I look like some frost bitten hosehead
I never learned my alphabet from A to zed

They all live on donuts and moose meat
and they leave the house without packin' heat
never even bring their guns to the mall
and you know what else is too funny
their stupid monopoly money
can't take 'em seriously at all

Well maple syrup and snow's what they export
they treat curling just like it's a real sport
they think their silly accent is so cute
can't understand a thing they're talking aboot

sure they got their national health care
cheaper meds low crime rates and clean air
then again well they got celine dion
eat their weight in kraft macaroni
and dream of driving a zamboni
all over saskatchewan

Don't want to be a Canadian idiot

Won't figure out the temperature in Celcius
see the map they're hovering right over us
tell you the truth it makes me kinda nervous

always hear the same kind of story
break their nose and they'll just say sorry
tell me what kind of freaks are that polite
It's gotta mean they're all up to something
so quick before they see it coming
time for a pre-emptive strike

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Not sure how long your post has been up

by OnTheRopes In reply to the really late in the da ...

But I didn't wait two days before saying something this time. <insert picture of tree frog here>

Dang Canucks and their curling. You're all crazy. Cheaper meds, clean air, low crime rates... Who needs any of that when you can live in the USA and be entertained by the road ragers while watching your freedoms erode and... <arghhh>

Note to **** Cheney and the Secret Service - I have detained the terrorroristical scum responsible for posting the above opinion for further questioning. He says he didn't mean to write it but he WILL tell the truth when I'm done with him.


Anonymous Patriot

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not that long

by Jaqui In reply to Not sure how long your po ...

I saw your reply about half an hour after I posted 2:40 pm pacific time [ post time ]

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Edited out

by OnTheRopes In reply to not that long
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Edited out

by OnTheRopes In reply to the really late in the da ...
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Okay Jaqui

by Oz_Media In reply to the really late in the da ...

I'll step up, but mine only hit 4 posts too. I posted last night at about 2AM. Then I find some Friday Yuk (even titled Friday Yuk) that was posted on Tuesday? Sad.


One day a man and his wife were laying in bed and he started to feel 'frisky'. Rubbing her shoulders and cooing in her ear he asked if she was game for it.

"Not tonight, honey. I have a gynocologysts appointment in the morning and want to be fresh."

The husband thougt for a moment and started rubbing her shoulders again.

"I told you already, honey" his wife said.

"What, do you have a dentists appointment too?"

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Cold cream

by Oz_Media In reply to the really late in the da ...

Late at night a little boy stared as his mother smeared cold cream on her face.

"What's that fo rmom?" he asked
"It's to make me beautiful for yoru father." she calmly added.

A few minutes later, as he started to wipe it all off, the little boy sighed and said
"What's wrong, mom? Giving up?"

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Edited out

by OnTheRopes In reply to the really late in the da ...
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LOL, thanks but....

by Oz_Media In reply to Edited out

I don't know if you really understand just how far from reality the NOrthern Lights are.

From Vancouver, I'd have an easier time driving to Los Angeles than to Northern BC.

I have been just far enough NOrth to see them a few years back, but it's not exactly the daily view from the office.

The sky here has been pretty much clear bliue since early, early spring. We have had so little rain this year it's not funny, I can't even remember the last rainy day.

18 degrees (Celcius of course) no igloos, no dog sleds, no Northern Lights.

But honestly, thanks for sharing, it is a really impressive display, isn't it?

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Edited out

by OnTheRopes In reply to LOL, thanks but....
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No Rain

by Oz_Media In reply to Edited out

Took a afriend into teh mountains over teh wekend for a little 4X4 fun. He hadn't been there for many years and couldn't stop talking about how low (completely dried up in some cases) the rivers were.

I've actually mentioned this in various conversations with him but it just doiesn't seem to hit home until you see it first hand.

That's why so many people deny that the world is changing and we may be speeding up that process, people dont see it. Out of sight and out of mind, it's really too bad more people weren't aware of teh world around them.

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