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The right to know personal information.

By patches ·
Does a company have the right to ask personal information about your health everytime one goes to the doctor?
I can understand if one get hurt at the employment place. Then, yes they should have the right to know; they have the responibility to pay for the injury and to have an accident report.
But, what of being sick of natural causes? What give the company the right to have information that is between the patient and their doctor?
All they should have the right to know is, that you are under A doctor care for a given period of time.

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by kmarold In reply to The right to know persona ...

In my opinion I think a company absolutely has the right to know personal 'health' information. If you are sick, maybe a cold or something more they want to know if it's possible it's something in the office that could've caused it, so they can take care of it right away. Perhaps what you have may be contagious. In any matter your employer should be aware of your health. I understand why some people would say that employers should not have the right, but they have obviously never owned a business or been involved in operating a business. A problem that was experienced at a previous place of employment was an employee complained of chest pains, nothing he should be experiencing from working on computers, so the employer never thought about it. Turns out it was inhalants that he was working around, and he almost sued us for that. That's why at present place of employment we know how our staff is.

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