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The River runs on

By Oz_Media ·
Hey Riverfreight, you're back. Still haven't changed your profile I see?!

Where did you go?

Why did you go?

Did you replace your BIOS and resolder your semiconductors yet?

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by mrafrohead In reply to The River runs on

Why go through all that hassle and not just buy a new motherboard?

Replacing the BIOS is pretty easy, but replacing semiconductors???

Sounds like a lot of work.


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Sorry but...

by Oz_Media In reply to

I don't remember if you were here during all the RiverFreight laughs and 'investigations'.

he disappeared for a while and has now returned, look at the Riverfreight profile for some humor.

My post was, as usual, a shot in the ribs. Every question answered...well, I won't go into it just read the profile and some of the Q&A posts.

Sorry you missed that one actually, you'd have had fun!

P.S. The whole BIOS and semiconductor comment is just a joke, read the Q&A's he posted to see why.

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Great Big Brass Balls

by JackOfAllTech In reply to The River runs on

Hey Oz, aren't you afraid to **** him off? He might come after you next <g>


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Call a lawyer!!!!

by mrbill- In reply to Great Big Brass Balls

That's right Oz quoted riverfreak without due compansation, he might file charges and have Oz arrested and banned from the planet.

Do you think that might work? Kidding Oz.

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HE or YOU are welcome to try

by Oz_Media In reply to Call a lawyer!!!!

I actually have amazing legal counsel. I manage to retain some of Canada's top lawyers at no cost.
I welcome the attack from someone so mislead as the ominous Riverfreight.

Many bosses have chuckled as I walk out with a legal attack in mind. They soon find out that they can't aford cousel that rivals mine.

Half my family is in law, my brother running one of the top corporate law firms in the country.

The last thing that bothers me is someone screaming lawsuit, especialy one as delisional as RF. I have had labels try to sue me, software companies and several corporations all to no avail, I'm sure one day I'll lose but in 17 years of business (10 self employed)I've yet to meet my match. (yes I'm knocking on wood :-))

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whoo whooo

by Passwordchanged In reply to HE or YOU are welcome to ...

Who needs a lawyer when a good 2by4 upside the head is what oz needs

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Sounds like

by Oz_Media In reply to whoo whooo

Sounds like you need my address tough guy.
Email -, I'd be happy to tell you how and when you can meet me.

There's always some kid who thinks he's bigger than he really is, they are the ones who make all the noise, right needs-a-life?


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