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The seach is over

By Oz_Media ·
Well it has indeed been proven that the search for the world's DUNBEST indivuidual has come to an end.

The award goes to Alice Regina Pike of Covington, Georgia.

This ever so clever lady figured she'd fool the American retail giant WalMart with her cunning trick of spending one million dollars at the store. Unfortunately in a single bill.

She used Adobe Photoshop to doctor (not very well either) a fake one millions dollar US bill, wonder how many colors and furry animals would be on THAT one in Canada.

She's just lucky she didn't try 7-11, it would have taken DAYS for the poor clerk to keep waiting for the time-lock safe to open with another $100 change. 7-11 in Canada has TL safes that only dispense $100 at a time, pretty good idea really.

NOW the criminals are crying about civial rights again because Adobe and others have placed printnig restrictions on the drivers (been done quietly for sometime now) that allows printers to recognize numbering sequences and they will not reproduce bills as they will recognize the serial codes.

So we are happy to say, Ms(Mrs) Alice Regina Pike, you ARE the weakest link, goodbye.

What a maroooooooon!!!!

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