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The Sony BMG Controversy, Plus a Website Launch

By swgoldwire2546 ·
I read somewhere in ZDNet that the XCP copy-restriction software that has the "rootkit" in it that Sony BMG Music Entertainment and First4Internet has put into the CD albums Sony plans to recall, has some measure of the open-source code from LAME. How weird! Now this whole controversial spew has me concerned about software copyrights!! (Okay there, I understand you are trying to curb piracy here. But please, do not go on stealing another person's software to acheive those means of yours.)

Okay. Enough of that schmutz! I want to discuss something else. . .

I am working on a new website project. Two new website projects. One is a virtual e-commerce mall on the web, the other is about TRAG (that stands for Troy-Rockaway Avenues Graphix). These websites after launched and anounced will generate some measure of revenue enough to pay the bills. I am using Xara Webstyle 4 to create web pages. Eventually I am thinking about purchasing Microsoft Office Frontpage, Macromedia Dreamweaver to build and upgrade my websites (go on ahead and revile me for using Microsoft products if you want to! I really don't care).

To host my websites, I will be using 1&1. This is a reputable company that has helped many an Internet entrepreneur to launch their websites. A few months after my website launch, for the virtual e-mall, I will be affiliates of certain companies such as Dell, HP, Macy's, Circuit City, et. al. That is enough to generate revenue based on commissions to help pay for my websites, hosting, and my invoice bills.

Sure, I have some bouts of procrastination and discouragement here and there, however, I can make these website projects happen.

I am a little on the self-sufficient side, so I really cannot depend on others too much. However, your feedback, support, tips on website building and encouragement would be gladly appreciated.

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