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    The state field


    by hockeyist ·

    Does TR have the resources to fix the bug in the state field to display three letter state designators?
    I was mistaken for someone from NS instead of NSW.

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      The province field

      by house ·

      In reply to The state field

      Yeah… the country should be shown as well as the state or province.

      Also, there should be an ‘other’ category for job function in which we can explicitly enter our own info. I’m actually surprised that the ‘ISP’ option is there. Thanks.

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        by jaqui ·

        In reply to The province field

        considering it’s no longer called an isp.
        it’s now technically an I.A.P.

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      That’s awful

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to The state field

      Who would have done something THAT stupid? What a dork!

      They better fix it or Nova Scotia’s population may double! 😀

      Now that I think of it, your alias IS [b]SlapShot[/b]!
      SlapShot from NS, yup sounds like your from Nova Scotia, Canada to me. LOL

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        the other-other Canada

        by house ·

        In reply to That’s awful


        He over there with Colin I think – Spreading the love of the best sport on Earth.

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        I got that nick-name because…

        by hockeyist ·

        In reply to That’s awful

        …I was always yelling at the cherry pickers that a perfectly good opportunity was missed for a SLAPSHOT from point, but not in such niceties.

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