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The surge is swelling in Iraq

By Oz_Media ·
I am sitting here watching live video footage of a US flag and a picture of Bush being burned in DOWNTOWN Iraq.

While they say that Iraq is being liberated and more than 2 thirds of al-Qaeda operative have been captured, they say that the descendants have formed a new alliance with even larger groups of terrorists even more set on destroying America than before.

Pakistan is SUPPOSED to be a powerful ally on the war on terror, yet they are showing how the growing support for hardline islamic terrorism is growing strong and being promoted in schools in Pakistan.

"Americans have done the same thing Russians have done." They mention how after Bin Laden and the terrorists defeated Russia, they decided to attack the other super power, the USA.

Muslims believe that Muslims were not the terror behind 9/11, but moreso that it was the CIA and a few radical terrorist groups. They also are SET on seeing western democracy removed from the USA (well that I'd doubt).

They have just interviewed the leader of the Muslim lead police force in Iraq, he said that they will not stop terrorists because terrorists are Muslims and they have sytmpathy for Muslims, he simply can't force his officers to arrest them for practicing a Muslim belief.

So Iraq is getting nowhere, Afghanistan has already rejected the efforts done there, and now Pakistan, the strongest ally on terror in the middle east, also supports terrorsim. They added that MOST al-Qaeda members are now in Iraq and growing but are also growing strong in Pakistan.

The front line of terrorists is now said to be moving to Europe in full force, as we have seen recently as a result of the recent bombings.

In Bosnia, it is said a new mosque is built evey week. They peomote only good positive notions though, and are trying to show peace to the people of Bosnia.

On the other hand there are local shops selling books that promote radical Islamic attacks on the west, and other said FREE countries. They are exploiting the multicultural freedoms we promote.

Bosnia is said to be the new breeding ground for terrorism, as the Bosnian Muslims grow, there are 1200 mosques that have been built since the Bosnian war. They are mostly finded by Saudi Arabia and some neighbouring countries.

Even WHITE Muslims in Bosnia say that Bush has created such a negative picture of Islam that they and others have taken interest in the new al-Qaeda terror groups forming in Bosnia.

So I guess some people need to add white people to the list of untrustworthy citizens and shut themselves in the basement so they don't have to fear life anymore. The rest of the report is just going on and on, showing how the new al-Qaeda network continues to grow, interviewing Muslim officials,church leaders, political figures, etc. How depressing! Technology has helped the widespread call for Jihad across the world via the internet, to the point that western intelligence officials have no idea what rooms to watch, what to act upon etc. It is simply too widspread and uncontrollable growth. Poor Muslim families are being coerced to becoming radicals by offering money and long term support for their families. (They showed a LINEUP for Muslims wanting to sign up for an education to become radical fundamentalists).

London is said to be the main/next target for al-Qaeda to attack. They are now showing al-Qaeda members living and practicing Western hatred in London (funny to hear them yelling with British accents).

One operative was arrested for setting up a training camp in Oregon, USA. He now runs free and teaches at a mosque in Iraq.

The London TUBE is said to be the next target, people walk on eggshells as they did in NY shortly after 9/11, it's not a matter of IF, but WHEN it will happen. Even second and third generation Muslims have taken to folling their elders. Yet peaceful Muslims say that the whole world is under fear of al-Qaeda and public ignorance causes people to mistrust every Muslim they see.

So, "KNOW YOUR ENEMY, Al-QADEA's third wave" will continue, I'm changing the channel now.

HEY RIGHT ON!! Squamish residents just rallied against a WalMart opening in their quiet little town. Must have been WalMart's shot at getting in on the Olympic money in 2010, there's not enough people IN Squamish to support a Wal-Mart by themselves.

Sorry this post is all over the place, just too much information in too little time.

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Downtown Iraq? What exit is that?

by DC_GUY In reply to The surge is swelling in ...

It doesn't help the situation much when a Westerner uses a phrase like "downtown Iraq." I realize that was an absent-minded typo, but it makes us look like we don't care enough about that part of the world to even know the names of its capitals. I doubt very much that you would have typed "downtown Germany" regardless of how distracted you might have been.

Skirting around most of these political issues... The key to peace is educating and empowering women. Too much of the world has been under patriarchal domination for too long and the whole place is starting to smell like a locker room.

Support the Central Asia Project. It builds schools in the Middle East that are either coeducational or girls-only. The future of Mother Earth is in the hands of her daughters.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Downtown Iraq? What exit ...

I was tryig to keep up with a report while tying and watching TV. I believe they said the center of Baghdad, Iraq, which I quickly typed as downtown Iraq.

Still doesn't detract from the fact that we rarely hear such things in Western news.

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