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The TR T-Shirt Era has arrived!

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
TechRepublic is going to start selling TR T-Shirts!

After a several rounds of internal competition and debate, we've narrowed our first TR T-Shirt design to three candidates. One of these will make the cut for a full production run to be sold through our catalogue (where all those Books & CDs come from). If this first run is successful, we'll consider expanding the business into additional designs and additional types of TR swag. Thus, the choice of the first TR T-Shirt is a heady one--it must be successful. That's where the TRIs come in.

Which of these three designs would you be most likely to buy, and would recommend for your fellow IT pros?

Design #1 - "That's not a cupholder."

Design #2 - "Know your rights"

Design #3 - "Panic button"

Vote in this discussion. Type the design number you prefer in the title of your reply, then explain yourself in the message body.

Your vote counts, and will have a direct impact on the future of TR swag. Voting will close on Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 11:00 am Eastern (GMT minus 5 hours). We look forward to your feedback.

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"Know your rights"

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The TR T-Shirt Era has ar ...

A bit wordy but it sums up tech support quite accurately.

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problem with the design

by apotheon In reply to "Know your rights"

The police car lights at the top (at least, I hope that's what those are) are not terribly obvious in their intent. It can take a moment for people to figure out what the heck they are, and why they're there.

Otherwise, it's not that bad a design, but not my favorite.

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None of the above

by jdclyde In reply to The TR T-Shirt Era has ar ...

Sorry. I know everyone put time and creativity into this, but speaking for myself, I am not much of a "t-shirt" kind of guy.

a simple black polo with the TR logo on the chest. A chest pocket is optional, but nice. I would buy that. I would not buy any of the other t-shirts.


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jd is right-on

by maxwell edison In reply to None of the above

How about showing a little class with a polo like jd suggested. T-shirts are unprofessional. And T-shirts with "cute" messages are bound to offend somebody.

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Really Max?

by maecuff In reply to jd is right-on

I wouldnt think that you would be the type to be overly concerned about offending others..

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depends on who

by apotheon In reply to Really Max?

Keep in mind, he's talking about t-shirts that might offend conservative businessmen.

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True, I believe people "choose" to be offended. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Really Max?

...and I don't usually hold back my thoughts for fear of offending someone. But I don't set out to do it or intend to do it. I guess I also believe in things like discretion being the better part of valor. And in the case of IT, I've never been one to jump onto the "stupid end-user" band wagon. To the contrary, my job, per se, is to serve them, not insult them. And when I say something like, "serve them", it doesn't even come close to filling a subservient role. My doctor "serves" my needs, and if he wore a shirt that insinuated something that could be insulting to someone ("I'm wasting my time with another big-mac attack case"), he wouldn't be my doctor for very long.

On one hand, we (collectively as a profession) expect to be treated like professionals, not a bunch of lackeys. On the other hand, we often come across as a bunch of snobbish lackeys. If we want to be seen a certain way, we must present ourselves a certain way. It's about as simple as that.

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Too easy, Jay- Design 2 "Know your rights"

by Tig2 In reply to The TR T-Shirt Era has ar ...

And get them quick- I know about 15 people that NEED that shirt. Perfect for Christmas gift giving!

The pivotal point of this design, the thing that sets it apart is the "If you cannot afford a clue, one will be provided..." Do you have any idea how often I have wanted to say that to someone???

So glad that TR is thinking of offering swag. About time!

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Design #4 (or #5 or #6 or #7 or #8 or . . . . . . . .)

by maxwell edison In reply to The TR T-Shirt Era has ar ...

I don't like any of them.

However, the least-worst of the worst is design number three (3), the Panic Button shirt, as that doesn't pay the usual insult to the stereotypical end user as the other two do, especially the "know your rights" shirt, which is the worst of the worst.

Why do IT people feel so compelled to insult end-users? I can't think of any other profession that stereotypes their customers in such a negative light. And now you want your members to wear the insult like a badge-of-honor on a shirt bearing your very own company name? Sorry, I don't get the humor, nor would I want to insult my customers (my users) in such a way.

I vote for none of the above.

If I'm limited to only those three, then just like in some general elections, I'll hold my nose and vote for design number three. It's the least offensive.

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by DMambo In reply to Design #4 (or #5 or #6 or ...

MAx and JD are right. I think that you could come up with more creative and POSITIVE designs for a t-shirt, but overall, a black polo with a small TR logo would be more like it.

The "rights" one is dumb!

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