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The US Navy is On Duty

By BFilmFan ·
While you are home sleeping in your bed, the brave sailors of the United States Navy aboard the mighty USS Enterprise are protecting you:

Frankly, I think these guys need to be admirals...

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"This video is not playable in your country"

by neilb@uk In reply to The US Navy is On Duty

So this is how you treat your allies. Well, US Navy, f*ck off then.

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Says the same to me

by Neil Higgins In reply to "This video is not playab ...

Nelson rules....

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awww, poor neil

by jdclyde In reply to "This video is not playab ...

didums get **** in your porridge?

this is a google site, not a navy site.

Maybe they think you are in China? Just where does your Anon proxie say your at anyways? B-)

So, after all this time, the truth is out. Neil is really a China Man, disguised as a Brit!

(note the double yuk! :^O )

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Hey, what a useful post JD

by neilb@uk In reply to awww, poor neil

Two Brit Neil's for the price of one! Even you couldn't miss...

Makes a change from swapping sheep-shagging techniques and tips with ol' Texas Marky, doesn't it?

You have a good weekend. I'm working.


Still, time-and-a-half for watching paint dry.

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by maecuff In reply to Hey, what a useful post J ...

I'm pretty sure the sheep is just a front. They both seem to be in deep denial, but the truth is, the two of them talk about *****, ALOT.

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I don't understand your message

by maxwell edison In reply to "This video is not playab ...

Will you explain for this stupid American?

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It was written in code

by neilb@uk In reply to I don't understand your m ...

It has no meaning. Not every post has to...

OK, then. The video wouldn't play for me, the explanation being that it wouldn't play in "my country". I'm jokingly suggesting that the US Navy has somehow influenced Google to not play the video clip outside of the US lest your enemies gain some military advantage from seeing the defenders of your country in what is - probably - an unflattering light. Maybe we'll see some dials and buttons that we shouldn't.

Actually, as we've seen the way Google acted in China, that may not be far from the truth. Can you suggest any other explanation?

Simple, really.

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Explanation and comment

by maxwell edison In reply to It was written in code

I think it's your computer configuration, not google. After all, I'm on a different planet, and I see it just fine.

And I don't think it shows the Navy in an unflattering light. It shows the sailors are human, just having some fun.

Besides, "unflattering" is not only a matter of perspective and opinion, but relative as well. Compared to British MP George Galloway and his recent appearance on the UK version of Big Brother television show, those sailors are the epitome of exhibiting first-class behavior.

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by neilb@uk In reply to Explanation and comment

is sickening. I don't think that there's many who don't think so after BB - most reckoned so before although his actions in front of your Senate Committee were pretty amusing.

As for your opinion of the video, well obviously I can't comment.

My Google config? Well, I can find no system at work - I checked a half dozen - that will access the video. I bypassed the proxy-server and all of the security and that didn't work. Neither of my home systems will access it and neither will that of fellow Brit peer Neil Higgins. I can access any other videos in the same batch that I've tried.

We possibly need more feedback from other non-US peers or we could just forget about it. I favour the latter.

Have a good weekend, Max. Don't waste it beating up on me here.

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Promotion Material

by BFilmFan In reply to Explanation and comment

I think they deserve a promotion to rear admiral.

Especially the guy with the spoon....

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