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The US needs to find a new solution for Iraq and soon!!!

By sleepin'dawg ·
The Democrats and Republicans are at cross purposes about what to do now in
Iraq . The Democrats want an immediate retreat and the
Republicans are beating the drum to "stay the course." Regardless
of whichever course, America won't be safe from Islamic terrorism.

Republicans say that, withdrawal at this time would be perceived
by the Islamic fundamentalists as a major defeat of the West and draw
more recruits to their cause. The Democrats for their part have noted, staying
our current course-- has no standard of victory and no clear
intent of protecting America from Islamic terrorism and is a disaster
that has resulted in the death of two thousand Americans.

It is time to pursue an objective of victory rather than giving into defeat.

We must define and pusue war objectives that protect the American
people from Islamic terrorism, and then execute those objectives by
any means necessary. Above all, why make it our objective, to
bring the good life to every corner of the Middle East. We must remove
the terrorist threat from the Middle Eastern states --which means
that we must put an end to state sponsored terrorism.

In Iraq, the insurgency must be crushed immediately--which very well may
include choking off its backers, Iran and Syria. Let the Iraqis themselves
take on the responsibility of establishing their own government.
Once the Iraq insurgency is crushed the priority should
be given to eliminating the regime that is the greatest terrorist and
nuclear threat to the United States in the Middle East: Iran. Such a
policy would serve as a death **** to bin Laden, al-Zarqawi and the
rest of the fundamentalists, who attract their recruits with the hope
that America can be defeated.

Dawg ]:)

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Iran and al Qa'ida

by john.a.wills In reply to The US needs to find a ne ...

Al Qa'ida is Sunni. Iran is Shia. That is why Iran has no objection to the democratization of Iraq, which has a majority-Shia population.

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America will never be safe

by AV . In reply to The US needs to find a ne ...

America will never be safe from Islamic fundamentalists, regardless of what we do in Iraq. They attacked us before we were ever in Iraq. They hate our way of life.

Most Dems do not want immediate withdrawal, but John Murtha, a democratic representative who is a Vietnam veteran that supposedly has the ear of the commanders on the ground in Iraq, does. Possibly, he speaks for them. Murtha is well respected by both parties, so his concerns have resulted in a long overdue debate about what we are going to do in Iraq aside from "stay the course."

Even though we'd all love to leave Iraq now, we can't do it until the Iraqis can defend themselves and after the December elections. Our government will probably decrease the numbers of troops substantially over the next year.

There is no victory for us to win in Iraq. It is up to the Iraqis. Its their country. We need to get out of there as quickly as possible and take care of the needs of America. America is falling apart.

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Murtha voted against himself

by maxwell edison In reply to America will never be saf ...

Murtha called for an immediate withdraw, but when a vote was forced on the question, he voted against it.

So it begs the question, was he playing politics when he called for an immediate withdraw, or was he playing politics when he voted against one the very next day?

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Maybe he was misquoted

by puppybreath In reply to Murtha voted against hims ...

I heard his latest statement to the press was, "I know you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."

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Yes, something like that

by maxwell edison In reply to Maybe he was misquoted

whatever it was.

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I think he said what he did out of frustration

by AV . In reply to Murtha voted against hims ...

I don't see him as a political game player, but as someone that is frustrated by the slow progress in Iraq, loss of life and no end in sight.

He's a military man and I'm sure he knows that it isn't possible to pull out immediately. He did a good thing though because he started a national debate on exactly where we are at right now.

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I think he's forgotten about military history

by road-dog In reply to I think he said what he d ...

if what you say is true. That is a charitable assessment, and here's why. War takes time and costs lives. This may sound like oversimplification, but it bears reiteration if he desires that we withdraw.

He is a war vet. He should know better. He should know that the opposition sees dissent as weakness. Just as his veteran status makes his opinion carry more weight than others'; I think it means that we should also expect him to hold himself to a higher standard as well.

With this in mind, I cannot help but believe that his position is based on political concerns rather than a frustration with the process.

What is being done in Iraq is a deadly and costly business. One only need to look at Japan and Germany to decide if the goal is attainable or worthwhile.

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What bothers me is that

by AV . In reply to I think he's forgotten ab ...

he is such an unlikely person to take a stand like that. I don't think he has ever done anything but support the war. I'm going with that he is man of integrity and he has the respect and ear of the commanders on the ground. I think Bush and Cheney, who supposedly is a friend of his, also share that view of him.

It makes me wonder if we all know the real truth about how successful we can be in Iraq.

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Why put his status above that of, say.....

by maxwell edison In reply to What bothers me is that

....John McCain?

McCain never has, and never would, do such a thing. He's not a cut-and-run kinda' guy. In fact, he's even suggested that MORE troops be sent, not fewer. And he and GWB aren't exactly buddies.

Why does Murtha's military standing, in your eyes, trump McCains?

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I think they're both fine men

by AV . In reply to Why put his status above ...

I am just bothered by the fact that a military man like Murtha would suggest getting out immediately. It seems out of character for him and it makes me wonder what information would compel him to take the stand that he did and did the information come from the commanders on the ground.

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