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The verbal flogging of MAX

By jdclyde ·
A new game, step right up and try it!

Rules, pick someone to flog. Reason? You don't need no stink'en reason! (say out loud with the proper accent)

How does one qualify for such an honor? They are just lucky I guess. ;\

Who gets to decide who gets flogged and over what? Why I DO of course! (silly!)

Fair play? Maybe, maybe not. Just have to see how the day goes by! (I have a feeling he will do just fine!)

The only hard part of this, is going to be finding a post he has done that was proven wrong with unbiased data. Hmmm, this may take a while.....

I know! Lets just try to make Mambo blush instead! That one is always fun!

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You are soooo bad!

by Old Guy In reply to The verbal flogging of MA ...

Maybe we need to find that donkey to give YOU a hug today. Hmmmm?

(Added: Shrek)

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by jdclyde In reply to You are soooo bad!

I just can't help myself!

I knew he wouldn't take this badly! B-)

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Now, look, jd

by gadgetgirl In reply to The verbal flogging of MA ...

I'm all for making DangerMouse beam like a beacon, you know that, I'm game for it, but why oh why do you have to go and suggest something good like that, that would brighten up this rotten day for me, just as I'm about to pack up and go home? Grrrr!! X-(

oh, well, if I start, will you finish? (DE)


I got the basque, matching nix and suspenders that you sent me for Christmas, but the seamed stockings were a bit shredded by the time they got here. Also the paddle is a bit large for playing ping-pong with - was there another use for it?

Oh, and I think my tame Postie must have realised the jar was the chocolate body paint, as the contents were missing by the time it reached my mail box......

Hope the squirty cream, willy weight training kit and love cuffs arrived in one piece. I had to write the contents on the back of the envelope not so that your postman would know, but so that they would know what was setting off the metal detector in the security bay......

(See any beacons across the US sky yet??!! )

oh, it's good to be back!



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That is the ticket!

by jdclyde In reply to Now, look, jd

If that didn't do it gg, then I don't seem much doing it anymore.

NOTE: Now you have something to look forward to when you com in in the morning! ]:)

Weight training is going just fine, and I have the oxygen takes standing by next to the fire place. (I had to put visqueen down over the bear skin rug so it wouldn't get ruined!

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Please keep your flogging behind locked doors

by DMambo In reply to That is the ticket!

I'm like the bad puritan. I know it's wrong, but I sneak a peek anyway. If you guys would be so kind as to keep the shades drawn on your virtual tryst, I can remain pure in peace.

That'll be the name of my auto-biography - "Pure in Peace"

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by gadgetgirl In reply to Please keep your flogging ...

No, DM, more like "Red Moon Shining", I think!

AND you just admitted to sneaky peeking on us!!


DMambo is a VOYEUR He admitted it!

He's a PEEPING TOM!!!!!

(Happy New Year, DM!! )



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Better yet

by jdclyde In reply to hahahaha!

He is a peeping MAMBO! :^O

A quote from the old Peter Sellers movie, - Being there.

"I like to watch"

Pure peice, is that like a holy ****? (did I just say that out loud? :8}

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Naughty boy! Slap wrist!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Better yet


yes, you said that out loud! Bad boy, jd! I've told you - keep language like that OFF the TR Board, and UNDER the duvet, with us.......;\


now, where's that choccie body paint when you need it....ooooh! watch where you're squirting that cream, jd! :8}



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by jdclyde In reply to Naughty boy! Slap wrist!

I like it when your forceful!

"Come on baby, make it hurt so good" - John cougar Melencamp ]:)

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by maecuff In reply to Better yet

I JUST watched that movie for the first time a few days ago. I loved it.

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