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The Wacked Up News Update

By BFilmFan ·
And of interest in headlines:

Bored Canadian Bureaucrat Begs For Donations to Escape

Send the man a dollar. Maybe our Canadian peers will thank us...

Korean Museum Buys "Bottled" Shark for $4 Million**002867

Lord I wonder if I could sell them one of those Jackalopes I've seen on the side of the road....

Man Dies For Hammering Diety

Thou shall not bang on the Brama or the crowd will go Kali on your heinie...

Mermaids Involved in $30,000 Grand Theft Auto Case

I am willing to assist by using a flute Kokopelli gave me and this here magic rock lady...

Family of Witched Beheaded

Needless to say that Charmed, Buffy, Angel and Bewitched aren't Top 10 viewing in this burg...

Psychic Detective Sues Other Pscyhic Detective

I am guessing that neither saw this one coming...

Tornado Carries Teen to New World Record

This is NOT the way to get to meet those Ripley's people...

Cryptozoology Figures Coming Soon

I want an Owlman for my birthday!

Flying Spaghetti Monster Church Finds Converts

I have to say that is one of the most interesting new religions that I've read about in a bit...

Cat Gives Birth To Cat/Mouse Hybrid With Video Even!

It REALLY must be a slow news day for this one to have made it...

Flying Cow Destroys Two Police Cars

Holy flaming methane Batman!

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