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Things that bug me Rant!!! (join in the fun)

By Ciderick ·
Ok, after just being shouted down in the street by a preacher who I told 'I am not interested', I am now going to off-load on you guys (& gals) because even if you disagree with me you are intelligent & thought provoking...

Here goes...

1) Religion.

I do not care what religion you are, I have already decided for my self which one I am following & I do not ram it down your throat now do I? please don't ram yours down my throat.

2) Intelligent Design.

Ummm... people, this is not the dark ages, wake up & smell the primordal ooze.

3) Abortion

A woman has a right to decide on her own body, I really have nothing to do with that - However, I would like to see a decrease in 'vanity' abortions - I don't care about your figure or any stretchmarks that may appear - neither should your other half - & incidentally, if you are working on building a career then you should have been more careful (& if you are really serious then you can work out a way to have both).

4) Drugs

Yes please

5) Same sex marriage

If you love someone then why the **** not???

6) Divorce

All good with me. If you have fallen out of love with someone then why suffer?

7) Iraq/George Bush etc etc...

George is a moron, war is wrong. But you voted him in, get over it.


Just plain wrong - we're all equals here.

9) Racism

Same thing.

10) Smoking in public places.

Give bars & restaurants a choice. I am sure there are some who make money out of the non-smoking thing & equally sure there are some who are loosing money & would like to let people smoke.

Ok, that covers it for now - thank you for letting me vent a little steam. I look forward to seeing your replies - (Jardinier, that means you too - I actually like your reasoning even if I disagree with some of the things you say. Maxwell, you're invited too)

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I forgot...

by Ciderick In reply to Things that bug me Rant!! ...

Conspiracy Theories.

JKF - Dead, Princess Diana - Dead, Elvis - Dead.

Shot, crashed & peanut butter sandwiched in that order - no conspiracy, just dead people

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I guess we agree here, also

by Montgomery Gator In reply to I forgot...
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Speaking of Conspiracy theories

by AmberHaze In reply to I forgot...

You just hit on one of my pet peaves... any and all conspiracy theories... I am sorry, just look at how hopless the powers that be are at handling even the simplest of tasks, yet the theorists out there would have us believe that not only could these same idiots conceave of a sophisticated plan involving concealment and much more......

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How about

by dryflies In reply to I forgot...

Bicycles not stopping at stop signs. Runners jogging down the middle of the street. anyone going 10 or more miles below the speed limit (5 or more if the limit is under 30) Same thing for over the limit. Cell phones in heavy traffic.
the state department not wanting cuba to play in the world baseball classic. for that matter the trade embargo with cuba. for god's sake what harm can castro do to us; we have defeated communism! Telling other countries how to run their internal affairs. Going to afghanistan -good, Iraq - even if he was an despot it was not our right to meddle. Gay rights, fine, just don't hit on me. Divorce, If you make a commitment you should stick to it. If they cheat or go to jail divorce them otherwise if you are unhappy, figure out why and fix it but don't go blaming it on your spouse.

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Well, for one thing....

by Mickster269 In reply to Things that bug me Rant!! ...

Uh... ah...

Dang. I actually agree with you on all points. Well, could you expand on #4 ?

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Can I add one more...

by onbliss In reply to Things that bug me Rant!! ...

12) Usage of the phrase "Cut and Paste".
If it is copy and paste that is being done, then say it as "Copy and Paste" :-))

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by Ciderick In reply to Can I add one more...

Yes, the more the merrier, lets see how many peeves people have...

Here's one - people who write abbreviation as abbr.

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I have some

by lowlands In reply to Absolutely...

- the local news. Stop trying to be funny, just give me the news.

- 14-day weather forecast. If you can't even get tomorrow right, why bother with a 14-day forecast.

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"Cut and paste" is a comfortable old pre-computer cliche

by DC Guy In reply to Can I add one more...

It goes back to the days of actual paper and actual paste. There was no copying of anything. The phrase is embedded in our language so we unthinkingly use it for something that is similar but not really the same.

Besides, you don't REALLY want Microsoft terminology to seep into real-life language, do you? Do you want to explain to your children that when you said "start" the toaster, you really meant "turn it off"?

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Am I missing something?

by jardinier In reply to "Cut and paste" is a comf ...

"cut and paste" and "copy and paste" are distinctly different operations and I use both.

cut-and-paste -- Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V

copy-and-paste -- Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V

Not to mention -- Select All -- Ctrl + A

Cut-and-paste is for moving a section of text from one part of a document to another position in the same document (usually).

Copy-and-paste is to copy a section of text WITHOUT deleting it from its current position.

Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V -- copy a complete document and paste it somewhere else without altering the original document.

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