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Things to do in and around London (need suggestions)

By jmgarvin ·
I need some suggestions for a London trip I'm taking in early June. We'll be there for 3 days...

We plan on doing the Duck tours (the amphibious vehicle deally), hitting Stone Henge, and then maybe a museum or two....Is there something we HAVE to see in London? Is there something around London we have to see?

I think Stone Henge will probably take the good part of a day (for travel and touristy stuff) and the Duck tour is only about 1.5 hours.

I've heard the Thames river tours are pretty interesting, but it seems a little expensive to go from Waterloo to Greenwich Pier ($45/person)...

Also, what is the best way to get around London? The underground, taxi, bus, or combination?

As a side note:
We've seen the Tower of London, London Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, Windsor, Crown Jewels, Westminster Abbey, and the changing of the guard.

I know, I'm a difficult and stupid American ;-)

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by Vawns In reply to Things to do in and aroun ...


How about Covent Garden, The London Eye and Harrods?

The Tube is probably your best bet just avoid the Waterloo and City line (that is if it's up and running again by the time you come over) as it gets absolutely packed during rush hour and you would be quicker walking :-)

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Oh ya! Harrods!

by jmgarvin In reply to London

How could I possibly forget that!!?? We'll have to hit Harrods!

Is Covent Garden pretty convient to get to?

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by neilb@uk In reply to Oh ya! Harrods!

is just a shop.

It's a short walk from Knightsbridge tube station.

Covent Garden is easy to get to - close to Leicester Square and Piccadilly, etc, and has its own tube station.

Eat in Chinatown - Gerrard Street - and eat in a restaurant full of Chinese - not Caucasians!

Also, Afternoon Tea at the Ritz. Took my mum there, cost a mint but was just so amazing. They have a dress code. Google it.


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Difficult and stupid?

by gadgetgirl In reply to Things to do in and aroun ...

Nope, sensible for asking.....

Ok, I won't take offence that you're only over here for 3 days. I also won't take offence that you're missing out on the best part of the UK (Newcastle Upon Tyne)!!

But if you want truly up to date info, I suggest contacting Stargazerr and NeilB - they both work in the City, and if you give them the dates you're here, they may be able to find something for you specific to those dates.

No, I haven't taken offence at all ......

Just a gate post.....!


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I'm an American, I must be that way ;-)

by jmgarvin In reply to Difficult and stupid?

Thanks! Ok, now you've got me curious...What's in Newcastle Upon Tyne? I'm a huge history buff, so historical stuff is REALLY cool to me...

(And no a VAX is not historical...yet) ;-)

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What's NOT in Newcastle, you mean!

by gadgetgirl In reply to I'm an American, I must b ...

Hey, we've everything here! Well known as a party city, but loads of history too, from the New Castle, the City Walls, to the links with Hadrians Wall, shipbuilding, Roman Forts, and the Beamish Museum....

oh, enough of this! Enjoy a few links on me!! - with a little soundbite of a local "tune"

but I think you'll love this one (I will! I know what you're missing here, by staying in That Southern Place....!!

ah, Beamish ......

- and right at this minute, only about five miles away from me.

Oh, you had to go and do that didn't you? Lovely day, blue skies, no clouds, lots of warm sunshine, nice light breeze, and me only five miles from Beamish.....and I'm at work.

<mutters> you can go off some people .....


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But I've been told that Newcastle poeple talk funny

by DMambo In reply to What's NOT in Newcastle, ...

How would a poor 'merican make it in a place where he can't even speak the language??

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You get your own tour guide...... me! :^0

by gadgetgirl In reply to But I've been told that N ...

and I will supply Geordie passports; Geordie dictionaries; Tourist maps; get you onto an open top tour (if dry!); show you St. James' Park; take you to Beamish....

****, I'll even supply the Newcastle Brown Ale if I have to!!!

so, DM, what's stopping YOU from getting over here???


(You have a good birthday? get my e-card? )

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I'll be there someday

by DMambo In reply to You get your own tour gui ...

God only know when, but I'll make it there at some point. No touristy stuff, I want to see the local "townie" sights. And when will you get to Vermont?

As far as the e-card, I sure as **** hope it wasn't a self-portrait.

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by jmgarvin In reply to What's NOT in Newcastle, ...

That now I WANT to go. I just don't have enough I have to make another trip over there to see all that cool stuff!

Ok, so here is the plan. gadgetgirl or neilb are going to hook me up with an IT job across the pond....

I will then have all the time in the world to visit these places! ;-)

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