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By nazil dsouza ·
Hi T.R Fellas, i was just thinkin what if this site came up with a chat a sort of java chat however we have to log in securely to enter....... wouldn't it be nice to have a chat were in people can just hang out i mean no tech q&a pls..... i been here for quite a long time but was even away for a while.... I think it may really boost the image of this site.......... Well hope i am not the only guy thinkin over it ........

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could be...

by frostbite In reply to Thinking Thoughts

could be nice to have a chatbox but doesn't limiting it to non-tech discussions go against the intent of this site?

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yeah it would...

by nazil dsouza In reply to could be...

yeah it would.......... but being liberal and sharing rational values it would much better..... no sarcasm..... and moreover we would be able to talk far better than waiting for someone to reply to your post like this. but at the same time we have to take concern as certain views may diminish the value of the site's tech Q&A if people hold on to this for their Q&A...... But again a quick sugestion on your Q&A in here would help u out far better.... than your posting

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Would deminish value of site

by jdclyde In reply to yeah it would...

One of the draws, is people coming in to the discussions that other people have going. Many are tech related, but not all.

If this was moved to a "chat", only a select few would get any benifit from the conversations. There are MANY members that do nothing but read and never participate themselves. This can go on for years until something pulls them in.

Another problem with chat vs post. If you are making a post that others will read and reply to, you will put some actual thought into that post compared to a chit chat back and fouth. If people don't understand your post (like in this case) it means you need to work on your communications skills or they need to work on their comprehension skills.

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No Way!

by Maxx57 In reply to could be...

There are plenty of chat thigs out there. What would be better is if people could just list thier chat type and chat address, like: "You may contact me on MSN Messenger: at" or "Add me to your Google Chat at". That would be the better way to go. That way it's not another chatting service I have to keep track of. less is better in this case. But that is my opinion only, take it for what it's worth; and good luck, killer tech dudes!

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maybe i wrong

by Shellbot In reply to Thinking Thoughts

but the likes of Yahoo, Google Chat, and MSN offer Chat capability where one can chat about non tech things..they have literally thousands of topics ect..
i for one think Chat would not "improve" the image of the site...
look at the logo up on the top left..
T-E-C-H Republic..i believe this is possibly referring to the fact that the majority of people here have in interest in tech items..

maybe its just me being b1tchy?
now unless you wanna chat with me on the reasons why my boss feels i have the expertise to evaluate and recamend a new HR / Employee Management system..thats different of course..

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Thats some sissy talk ... shellbot

by nazil dsouza In reply to maybe i wrong

DUDE i aint taking about comparing this chat to yahoo or msn...... and nobody got in here to talk about things like their girlfriend ditching them or sort off... i'm talking some sense here man. A chat would boast the image by puttting techies like you and me online when we log in.... see there u go dude if there was a chat i would have made u understand what i am upto..... its not like you talk something totally different and my thinking here cant make u understand..... its like talking face to face (an example)and not like i leave a message and wait for you to post a reply for it.......

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by Shellbot In reply to Thats some sissy talk ... ...

sissy talk..ok..i've never been accused of that before :)

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Shellbot's a sissy, Shellbot's a sissy!

by DMambo In reply to :)

Dude, like what if your husband finds out that YOU'RE A SISSY, man!!!!

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Oh, I am sure

by jdclyde In reply to Shellbot's a sissy, Shell ...

this will come as a surprise to SOMEONE?

Can we call you "Butch" Shell?

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by Shellbot In reply to Oh, I am sure "butch"...ack!!!!!!!!

i'm all girlie..promise..i got all the right bits and like to wear high heels!!!!!!!!!!!

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