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Thinpad R31 Bios password woes

By Johnrd1 ·
I've bought a secondhand R31 Laptop but the bios is locked.

I need some form of backdoor password or advice on how to get it working!


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by Oz_Media In reply to Thinpad R31 Bios password ...

Nice notebook, I've had mine 4 years and it still blows away most newer notebooks.

You should repost your question in the Tech Q&A section, instead of the discussion forums, you will get more help.

As far as the Thinkpad BIOS, if you can figure out what lock is applied, then there are usually a heap of default passwords, in MOST (and I mean MOST) cases, you need a new system board or send it to IBM for a refit....sorry for bad news but that's the most common result.

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by Johnrd1 In reply to Firstly

Thanks Oz Media - I've heard that IBM recommend a replacemnt main board!

I've done a few searches on common passwords, but have not found that many for the IBM TP, TBH. If you can help locate any more I'd be grateful.

I'll repost on the (right) board as you advise.

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I think you're stuck then, mate.

by Oz_Media In reply to

I THINK IBM usually uses Award BIOS, in which case there are a couple of defaults but as IBM is proprietary, they use their own. If the previous owner changed it, the defaults are no go now.

I have yet to see a Thinkpad that didn't need a new system board for a BIOS reset.

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does it have

by Jaqui In reply to Thinpad R31 Bios password ...

a floppy drive, and can you boot from it?

if yes then killcmos will usually wipe bios password protection right out.

everything, including bios updates is gone, right back to brand new factory settings.

dos boot disk required to use it.
also it does get reported by some antivirus apps as a trojan. [ becuase it writes to the cmos they think it's dangerous. ]

you have to explicitly run it after booting to dos.

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by Oz_Media In reply to does it have

I don't think they ever made an R31 model with a floppy.

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by Johnrd1 In reply to No

No, my thinkpad does not have a floppy drive, but the CD bay can also hold a floppy drive. I have found one cheaply on an online auction so will give this a go. Probably find that it won't boot from the floppy though as it won't boot from the CD?

I'll give killcmos a go, though - thanks guys.

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another idea

by Oz_Media In reply to Thinpad R31 Bios password ...

It's probably cheaper to buy an external floppy/USB than to get the bay drive for the R31. That bay isn't very reliable and drives are very sensitive to the board alignment.

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by Johnrd1 In reply to another idea

Looks like I've got a Floppy for less that ?10 ($15 US) all in. Thanks for the idea on the USB / external. Will see how I get on.

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by butkus In reply to Thinpad R31 Bios password ...

Press F1 when starting.
Try the password "unlock"

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recover thinkpad password (resolved)

by dreamerstarone In reply to Thinpad R31 Bios password ...

To recover bios password on thinkpad you have to soldering wires on eprom and connect to a db9 on a second computer to get the password. You can change the eprom with a virgin one. Here at we can do it for you. Come to see us at store or just send the laptop by mail.

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