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This country was built on the sweat of Unions !

By fnm48 ·
For all those "uninformed" out there (and judging by your response to the Unionize IT Blog, you are uninformed), Unions built this country.
For if it weren't for the unions, "Management" would be making little or no money with no benefits at all...Professionals and unions "are" a perfect match (because Unions don't take just anybody). You need credentials to join one. I've been on "both sides of the fence" and believe me with corporate greed at a new high, unionize or get used and abused friend ! It's not about the money, it's about respect for a good days work !If anyone disagrees, let them work in a non-union sweat shop(like my Mom did)for less than $70 per week with conditions that the homeless would reject ! Her Vacation was getting "layed-off" for 2 weeks a year and collecting un-employment !So, get your facts straight, before you dis unions...

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Blah, Blah, Blah

by JamesRL In reply to This country was built on ...

I have my facts pretty straight. I managed in an environment where we had two groups that did the same job - at one site they were union, at the other they were not.

Salary ranges were the same. But for my non-union shop, I could reward the people who put out extra effort. In the union shop there were very strict regulations and it was very difficult to single out one individual, unless you were prepared to give the rest of the crew the same reward. And you didn't need credentials to join either one - who needs to get their facts straight.

My father was a hydro lineman, and when he started, he was not unionised (in the 50s). In the early 70s he was unionized and did see some improvements. He even became a shop steward. By the time he was ready to retire, he was so fed up with union politics and infighting that he wouldn't speak with union officials.

Unions were helpful before governments implemented workplace health and safety and general labour laws were in place to protect people from the worst abuses. There were good and bad employers before unions, and good and bad employers after unions.


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You got that right

by Prefbid II In reply to Blah, Blah, Blah

Unions suffer the same fate as any monopolistic arrangement. The power goes to their heads eventually and its very hard to control the group once they believe they have a devine right to be in control.

I think I would be more likely to think of unions in a positive light if they were regulated like the SEC regulates the business world. The SEC is far from perfect, but it does generally help level the playing field. Unions, by and large, are too easily controlled by ruthless people who can figure out ways to keep their own membership from knowing what they are up to.

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As you said, get your facts straight

by maxwell edison In reply to This country was built on ...

You said, "...believe me with corporate greed at a new high...."

Before I automatically "believe you", will you please qualify that statement by comparing corporate greed's new high to corporate greed's old high? When did it break the old high? Is that adjusted for inflation? Please chart the highs and lows of corporate greed over the years and decades, or provide links to existing charts. There are surely charts available, as corporate greed is cited time and time again for whatever ails us lowly workers. And please define corporate greed, and provide a benchmark of some sort so we can compare it to other kinds of greed, and so we can differentiate between corporate greed and acceptable corporate profit. Speaking of which, will you also please provide some sort of measure to show when an acceptable corporate profit breaks through the ceiling to become corporate greed? And while you're at it, will you also please answer the same questions as it relates to individual greed?

Thank you in advance for indulging my questions.

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One thing for sure was built on the sweat of Unions

by maxwell edison In reply to This country was built on ...

I'd guess that Jimmy Hoffa's tomb was built on the sweat of that particular union boss! Man, he must have been sweating!

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Another thing created by unions.

by TonytheTiger In reply to One thing for sure was bu ...

Long unemployment lines.

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On non-union sweat shops

by maxwell edison In reply to This country was built on ...

Where can I get a list of all the non-union sweat shops in the United States?

And when did your mom work for $70 a week. Was that in 2005 or 2004? Or was it before that? And when she earned only $70 a week, how much did a gallon of milk cost? How much did the average house cost? Everything is relative, you know.

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There is one thing unions are very good at and that is.....................

by sleepin'dawg In reply to On non-union sweat shops

helping to increase the rate of inflation Otherwise unions themselve have become big business. I wonder how all those employees at GM and Delphi are feeling now. Their laziness and the greed of their union has put their jobs in jeopardy.

Dawg ]:)

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GM is a perfect example of unions destroying a business

by maxwell edison In reply to There is one thing unions ...

It's cost the company market share, it's caused huge corporate losses, and now it's causing the layoffs of thousands.

And that guy's emotional rant won't change it. In fact, if he had his way, it would only get worse.

Unions are bad -- bad for business, bad for the consumer, and bad for employees.

(Think he'll answer any of my questions?)

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The day it starts snowing in July, you'll get your answers. As to..........

by sleepin'dawg In reply to GM is a perfect example o ...

their making logical sense, that will be an entirely different matter to which he will have no no answer never mind logic.

Maybe unions were necessary at one time but they've long outlived their usefullness and have become one of the major causes of outsourcing both here and abroad. If a company can produce its products cheaper and with fewer labour problems outside or offshore the company in fulfilling its duty to make profits for its shareholders, is obliged to do so. Companies exist to benefit their shareholders not their employees who are benefitted by their wages and salaries. Workers need to be made to understand that and until they do, they will only see more outsourcing. This is a double edged sword as more jobs are outsourced the need for management and supervisory staff will decline as well and you will see more downsizing.

Unions now exist to benefit the unions as the organisations and businesses they've become. They do not exist to benefit their worker members who exist strictly as cogs or tools to be used in the manipulation of the process. Maybe shop committees make a little bit of sense but big unions are no longer necessary and are now detrimental to the workers and the overall economy. If their is a need for unions, its in the third world, where the jobs are being outsourced. Get the wages of those workers on a par with ours and a lot of the problems for our workers would disappear but unions here only serve to exacerbate the problem. BTW would you wager his $70/week mother's job wouldn't be one of the first to be outsourced, if not offshore, at least to a contractor??? :^0

Dawg ]:)

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My Father made $70 a week. . . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to The day it starts snowing ...

.....In 1960.

Average annual salary 1950-1959: $2,992

A loaf of bread cost 14 cents.

By the way, did you know that Homer Simpson made more money than Fred Flinstone? (Yes, adjusted for inflation.)

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