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This has probably been mentioned already

By neilb@uk ·
but each page of threads within a topic is of 15 threads whereas each next page is 25 threads from the start of the previous. This leaves 10 unreachable threads per page.

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Wait I thought

by zlitocook In reply to This has probably been me ...

I was the one who made strange posts! So are you saying that after 15 threads you are lost or that you see the 25th thread not the 14th?
My mother in law dose that to me! She starts talking and tem minutes later I start hearing her

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well, if it was

by gadgetgirl In reply to This has probably been me ...

mentioned already, we'd probably have missed it if it was as hard to follow as that one!


Unexpected middle of the night gigglefit, and trying not to wake the rest of the house.

That statement, Neil, compares rather favourably with Ma's classic

"The cocoa is in the coffee jar marked tea...."

Whatever you're on babz, get it on the red eye from KX to Ncle first thing, please!


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by M_a_r_k In reply to This has probably been me ...

I've been up all night writing an artificial intelligence computer program to decipher your impossible to understand statement of the problem. Having done that, my calculations show that there are only 10 unreachable threads and all of them are on the first page. Here is the multinomial equation that I used for the derivation: a**5 + 3a(b**4) - 2b**2 + 4xfg + log(179) - cosine(2ab). I may be off by a factor of 1 because I wasn't sure about the atomic weight of selenium.

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OK, let's simplify it...

by neilb@uk In reply to This has probably been me ...

so you b'stards can't keep taking the pee!

In Discussion Center, click on Miscellaneous. How many threads are listed below? I can see 15 (with 8 of them those bloody Peer Reviews).

So, to peruse some "Legacy" threads, I click on "Jump to page 2" and the top thread is numbered 26 and not the expected 16.

Now, if the numbering sequence is shagged then I'm OK with it but it needs fixing. But if there are ten threads hidden in some dark recess of TR that are inaccessible once they've hit 16 and won't be posted to until they reappear at 26...

Mark, there's 10 missing per page! Page 2 ends on 40 and Page 3 starts on 51. So your multinomial factors out incorrectly. I applied an Nth order spline to it and it works now.

The problem is that I've been too busy to stay on-line long enough to work out what's going on.

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Neil. Darling. Sweetheart. Petal. Flower

by gadgetgirl In reply to OK, let's simplify it...

if you'd said that the first time, we would have all known what you were wittering on about.

Yes, you're right, the numbering looks ....what you said.....erm....dodgy.

and no. As far as I'm aware, no-one has mentioned it before.

See? Straight answers after the straightened explanation.

Arise Sir Witter of the Week!



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Didn't notice

by rob mekel In reply to This has probably been me ...

you're right.
When going to next page 10 items are skipped.

I wonder who is reading these items. :) :^0
Or are these those damned Insiders items. ( still can't view those let alone answer to them, but heck can't even answer items modulo 15 to 25 :^0 neither can the insiders :^0 :^0 )

Clicking on next however will skip 235 items (lol ) but that is as should be.


edited cause of those @#$%@#$% emoticons, but getting better at them.

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They really are missing

by neilb@uk In reply to This has probably been me ...

Extensive research has proved that the "Missing Ten", as they will henceforth be called, are truly missing as can be seen if you check the dates at the bottom of one page and the start of the next.

My vast programming experience has led me to the inevitable conclusion that some div has cocked it up.

What is most amazing is than none of you blind gits seemed to have noticed! Please imagine that the accompanying icon has a white stick! B-)

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by gadgetgirl In reply to They really are missing

I have you know (says she drawing herself up to her full five foot of height) that I have been very busery of lately, even more bizzery than wot you have, so I haven't had the chance to even get passed the forst flippin page - you musta had time on your hands, marra, cos you're the unbizzery one wot found the problem in the forst place!

(Been to another 2.5 hrs ICT lunch..brain needs exercise and silliness in abundance)

Oh, and I can see the white stick next to your emoticon......

Can you?



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Would love to follow

by Neil Higgins In reply to Ahem!

this line of inquiery,but this site is loading at -2 par secs again.Having kicked my pc to the core,I can only compute that missing pages,missing threads,needles,cups,biscuits,etc,are the reason that TR loads so bloody slow.Maybe the fault lies with the guy in the typing room.As we "hit" our keyboards,he has to type very fast to keep up.No,I've had a bad day at work as well.I'm talking b******s!!

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It's a shame, you know...

by gadgetgirl In reply to Would love to follow

that you're not anywhere near here, or I'd be suggesting a libation or seven after work - it's been/is being one of those days where I am, too!!

Hey, there's an idea! I wonder what the chances are of Skype-ing up a virtual bar for the TR crowd?



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