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This made me say they can not do that

By zlitocook ·
My wife told me about a website that will let anyone yes anyone get information on almost anyone for free! And if you pay a $29.00 fee you can get all their information.
So of course I had to look for my self I looked up ten people I know. I got their address, SSN and phone numbers.
My wife has already email a few government people that she knows.There is a way to remove your info but you need to provide allot more info on yourself to do this. Which scared my wife because the disclaimer says they can share any information and this is always a bad sign?
I will give the web address but I don?t like doing it, but if enough people complain about it maybe it will be removed.
What do you think about any ones information being free to anyone?

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Sorry I must be a NOBODY

by mjd420nova In reply to This made me say they can ...

I didn't find myself, so it can't be that good. I'm widely know throught 11 western states, Alaska and Hawaii. Maybe you have to have a criminal record to get on the list.

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what I don't like

by jdclyde In reply to Sorry I must be a NOBODY

my EX is still after over a year listed at my place. Wonder who I contact to tell google to get her out of dodge?

After the cell numbers are sold, I wonder how long it will take for those to end up on google?

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No I had

by zlitocook In reply to Sorry I must be a NOBODY

Mine cleaned a few years ago along with the stays at the psych wards through out the years for my homicidal tendencies. :)

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You have just backed up a previous post of mine

by DanLM In reply to This made me say they can ...

I posted about someone at my previous job that used a service just like that for finding out information about his daughter's boy friend.
Thank you. You have just proved my point that their is no privacy anymore, and the government did not take it from us. We gave it away to businesses.


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Actually I don't know if you noticed this

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You have just backed up a ...

But the information available is only from the US and comprises of data about people who live in The Land of the Free. Thankfully I don't so I'm not listed and can retain my Privacy. :)


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actually, that's really kind of sad

by DanLM In reply to Actually I don't know if ...

Americans, who seem to be most worried about privacy issues with regard to their government are also the only nation that can have their citizens basically detected by anyone through an online services.
We have sold our soul to the all mighty comfort and convenience gods. And I will freely admit, that I probably have also.
Oh well, back to my weekend dirty deeds. Laundry, clean the apartment, shampoo the carpet.
Thanks for pointing that fact out by the way, much appreciated.


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google does a lot of this as well

by jdclyde In reply to Actually I don't know if ...

put in a phone number (land line, not cell) and it will tell you whos it is and the address. All public information.

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But JD don't you remember that

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to google does a lot of this ...

Everything in the Universe is controlled by Telephone Numbers?

Remember it's 42 the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life The Universe and Everything. :^0

I've recently watched the DVD of the BBC series again. I don't think that I could sit through the Movie ever again it's just no where near as good. :)

Col ]:)

Hey I've just looked up my phone number and all I got was a direct link to my business I suppose I don't count. :0

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Just saw that at the local video rental place

by jdclyde In reply to But JD don't you remember ...

I saw that just the other day, the BBC version. This is the first week I have just Thing Two as he is with me full time now, so it will be something special we can do together!

Oh, they had the movie version for $4 so I had to buy it.

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I have

by zlitocook In reply to Actually I don't know if ...

Been looking at alot of these sites in the last few days. If you dont find yourself on one look at a few others.
Just for fun look up your boss or a coworker and use a netsend to send a copy to their printer.
And watch the jockularty insue.
Pepole say I have too much time on my hands.

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