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"This may be just a game to them now, but a war will not be a game for them

By Oz_Media ·
"This may be just a game to them now, but a war will not be a game for them later. In war, they will only face miserable defeat and gruesome deaths" These are the words of the Korean Press as written in Stars and Stripes, America's military news, pep-rally paper.

Full story:

"According to Stars and Stripes Pacific's translation of a North Korean government newspaper article, UbiSoft's forthcoming Ghost Recon 2 videogame, which envisions a near-future North Korea/China conflict with US involvement, has already attracted the reclusive country's attention. In a curt review, a North Korean government-run newspaper called the game proof of U.S. warmongering. 'Through propaganda, entertainment and movies,' read a recent online commentary in the Tongil Newspaper. Americans 'have shown everyone their hatred for us. This may be just a game to them now, but a war will not be a game for them later. In war, they will only face miserable defeat and gruesome deaths.' Given the steep learning curve of previous incarnations of Ghost Recon, it's conceivable many may face miserable defeat and gruesome deaths anyhow."

So the US in turn felt it neccessary to add this little comment to Stars and Stripes, MANY GR players are military as well as several bases will use Ghost Recon to simulate war for strategic planning and troop movement practice. I platy it with a licent over his network LAN almost daily if I am at home and it is truly entertaining as well as beautifully modded and rescripted by fans.

Now in a long term view, is this perhaps America's way of inviting dislike toward North Korea from the US troops (published in Stars and Stripes?). Are they now possibly feulling conflict with NK by showing this as hatred toward America?

Well if you leave Iraq say by next winter (positive thinking), that COULD be year 2 for GWB's second term (heaven help us all), perhaps that would then give him 2 years to fuel the NK issue and create another war before his term is completed.

Judging this purely on the Iraq actuins, it really isn't a far fetched assumption at all, in fact it would be damnwell mirroring Iraq. Fuel the fear and act upon it.

This guys is just plain scary, at least Hitler was clear that he wanted to take over the world and we all knew where he stood, or where he now rests.

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Who cares - China / Korean as long as no Nukes

by SkipperUSN In reply to "This may be just a game ...

Who cares - about a war between China and Korea - unless they use Nukes.. then it would be an interesting test site.

I don't think the US would get involved - now the UN may - they are stupid enough to get into it again ... like in the 1950's -

I think the USA would just let them have at it - neither country is of strategic importance to the US ... It would be interesting a country that can muster a 100 million million men - and a little tiny country called Korea..

I think China would win that one in 1 month or less...

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Interesting but.....

by JamesRL In reply to Who cares - China / Korea ...

Given the fact that China is a major trading partner of the US, I'm not sure that the US could or would sit it out. It would be challenging to try and intervene in such a way that makes a nuclear exchange less likely - and that is an imperative not only for the conflict itself but for the whole region. A nuclear exchange, even a small one, would have an impact on South Korea.

It will also raise tensions on the border between North and South Korea to an alarming level - take an already paranoid leader in North Korea, and make him even more paranoid.

As for over in a month? Well the terrain is more like Bosnia than Iraq - lots of hills and caves, not good tank country. China's troops have not been tested in some time - last time was Vietnam, and frankly they lost. North Korea spends an incredible amount on its armed forces. I'm not saying the outcome is in doubt, but it would take a long time to achieve ultimate victory. And you can't underestimate what a desparate North Korea would do when it looks like they are going to lose. Its a no win scenario.


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by stress junkie In reply to Interesting but.....

I know when I read the original post I wasn't sure what the setting was. I finally decided that the only thing that came close to making sense would be a Korean and Chinese alliance against the United States. I don't believe that the story was about China going to war with Korea. I may be wrong. The story was absolutely not clear on this point.

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Quick question for the Skipper

by Oz_Media In reply to Who cares - China / Korea ...

I was wondering, obviously by your alias you are either an active or inactive (retired) member/skipper of the US Navy.

Are you still active in the USN or are you just expecting someone else's kids to go to war if the need arises?

As for your high expectations of the war in one month, well I suppose you would have said the same about Iraq at one time too. A bunch of sand-n*****s who are ill equipped and untrained to fight like the Iranians were. Hmmm, I guess you are right, Iraq was only short engagement before it was declared that it was no longer in a state of war and wartime pay was removed, thus saving the government money while allowing the constant attacks on military personnelle to go ignored as SOME resistance.

However, your reply in itself diminishes the fact that your are being criticized by these governments for the exact same reason as you had posted. You sem to think it's a walk in the park, if need be you will be in and out and they will suffer, a very common opinion in the USA.

Others may have thoughts like, "Why would we go to war with North Korea?" or "I wouldn't WELCOME a war with a country that will inflict major casualties on our forces." or "Why would hate speech from a foreign country be aired in our military magazine?" That would certainly cause a rise to arms and a blanket dislike toward NK from American soldiers, thus stoking hatred for yet another country's people.

Watching recaps of US soldiers in Iraq over the weekend was haunting. Some were laughing at the devastation their arms had just caused to "suspected" insurgents. Others were BLATANTLY opposed and said they wished they had voted for a Democratic government and would never have voted Republican had they seen this coming.
They were hapily listening to the OzzFest CD (Manson, HateBreed, System of a Down etc.) via tank mounted radio systems that they can hear through their helmets and say it's like playing a video game with a cool soundtrack. One guy said the screams heard from direct hits were "gettnig me stoked" while another said it truly sickened him that his friends had died while fighting such a un-justified war to begin with.

So Skipper, will YOU be going to this simply little skirmish in North Korea (only 30 days shouldn't be a problem), or do you simply support those that will?

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War Games

by admin In reply to Quick question for the Sk ...

We really do need an outlet for those humans that want to go human hunting. Maybe we should legalize it by consent somewhere out in the desert like Las Vegas originally was and let all those people who enjoy this to pick teams and hunt each other to the end.

This would create a lot of associated jobs and solve a lot of social problems.

Personally, I get my stuff out by playing in a simulation much like Ghost Recon. I get the thrill of hunting the most intelligent game on Earth and no-one gets hurt. I like that. It's not a simulation leading to violence or war at all. In fact, I think there is LESS aggression amoung my clan-mates than the average Joe in real life. I don't get this- this "War Simulation" stuff. Is everybody 6 years old or less in developmental years and can't distinguish reality from fantasy? I don't think so.

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Now there's an intelligent come back

by SkipperUSN In reply to War Games

Lets see I like killing people in Cyberspace - but to defend my home, wife and children - they can have them... I wouldn't fight to protect my family or neighbors...

Interesting - wasn't it an old jewish saying - They came and took my Neighbor and I said nothing, then they came and took my Parents and I still said nothing - then they came to take me - and there was no one left to say anything... Something about going to the Camps during WWII ..

Oh thats right - Hilter didn't murder 6 million people and the Japaneese didn't murder 4 million Chineese - or behead hundreds of Allied military in POW camps ... Thats right Burma was a figment of British propaganda... Bombing of London never happened -

Remember War has to be part of life... and it has some rules that can't be changed...

Rule 1) Good men and women die
Rule 2) Doctors and lawyers can't change Rule 1

When you have someone like Hilter and Hirohito they have to be taken down - what would of happened if they won? A would full of Peace if you were German or Japaneese or Italian - right..

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It has been said many times here

by Oz_Media In reply to Now there's an intelligen ...

We cannot equate this incasion to previous wars as it was not based on he same underlying principles of saving your own land.

Saddam has NEVER threatened America nor had the ability to do so, we can just drop the whole saving your families routine, it's old and proven otherwise.

This is Liberating Iraq, not WMD, not mass graves but helping Iraqis.

hON the other hand, I sincerely doubt the last post had anything to do with killing people on cyberspace and not defending one's country, I don't think any man woud idly sit by while his family or country was attacked, again, this is not what's happening with Iraq, Iraq did not attack America.

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Speak oh great fool -

by SkipperUSN In reply to It has been said many tim ...

No - no mass graves - no Kurds were gased - no he didn't tourcher and murder his own people - na no wds - Saddam didn't want to attack america - na all lies from GWB - in the Eyes of the Fool - Oz Media.

I guess you have been following the news in some of the liberal american papers - WMD found - and shipped out of the country... Alcada working with Saddam for attack on America - Check the NYT - WP..

Oh continue to speak oh great fool

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I'm not Oz but.....

by JamesRL In reply to Speak oh great fool -

Mass Graves: These bodies are from the Iran-Iraq war, a war that America supported(not with arms but with dual use items such as trucks). They are Iranian POWs, and dissidents from the Shia area of southern Iraq(who are of the same sect as the Iranians). I'm in no way supporting this kind of thing - it was a huge war crime, but it was pre Gulf War I.

Kurds Gassed: again during the end days of the Iran Iraq war, the Iraqis gassed a village, killing between 5000 and 7000 people - yes a huge war crime. But after this happened did the US withdraw its support for Iraq - the answer is no.

Torture yes - but Saudi Arabia still uses torture, even on Canadian and British subjects(William Sampson case - google it). And the US didn't hesitate to send a Canadian suspected of terrorism to Syria, knowing he would be tortured. As for murder, the US well knew that the Shah of Iran was as despotic and killed people just like Saddam, and yet they supplied him with arms and money.

WMDs. There is no doubt that in the 80s, Saddam had chemical weapons - he used them on Iran. They were delivered through artillery shells, and some leftovers remain. We also know that Iraq had a nuclear program, but from many accounts that program shut down after Gulf War I. Saddam also worked on biologics such as anthrax(got his stock from a US supplier), but never used them. I haven't seen anything about the rumoured WMDs in Syria.

Al Qaeda working with Saddam. I think it important to note that while Saddam was in power, the only Al Qaeda cell was in the kurdish area which Saddam had no military control over. Al Qaeda has in the past many times called for the end of Saddam - they wanted him dead because he was not a religious muslim and could not and would not be swayed by clerics. Al Qaeda wanted Saddam dead or at least out of power. This is not to say that now in the power vacuum in Iraq, Al Qaeda has not moved in.

And I am no fool.....but its not as simple as you argue with Oz...though at the risk of angering both of you, its not as simple as Oz would have it either.


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by Oz_Media In reply to Speak oh great fool -

It was simplistic. I agree to offering a very simplistic answer but it was an 'in a nutshell' reply and very vague.

Your knowledge of the actual politics behind the graves and WMD is always welcomed and interesting to read.

My point is that WMD were sold as the reason for invasion. BRITISH troops uncovered mass graves AFTER the invasion was underway, not before.
Liberation ws something ALL the Allies supported, they were under great threat from saddam, unfortunately people were mislead into thinking it was all to save themselves from harm, not to save others from harm until it was sold that way. As you have mentioned, the US has ignored this repression for many years now ad even supported it to someextent. Why all of a sudden the change of heart? Why all of a sudden do they want to save America from someone who has not threatened the US with WMD?

thi is why my only dispute is that the US acted prematurely and without support that was waiting in the wings for the UN to do their job before declaring war with Iraq.

yet many Ameircans will still say they have SAVED themselves from something and this I cannot disagree with more as there was no immediate threat upon the USA from saddam.

That and the constant reference to 9/11 just tells me nobody knows who to blame or where to look next, which is scary when waging wars (who's next?) I would start at the top and work my way down, GWB stand up and be counted you have some questions to answer...truthfully.

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