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Throwing out the baby with the bath water

By dwdino ·
Recently, my ISP, BellSouth, began blocking port 25 on residential DSL accounts.

I shortly, called and canceled the DSL subscription and refused to pay any existing or on going charges. After talking with BellSouth for some time about my cancellation I found that many are doing the same. In the previous 3 days, 100 plus persons had called and cancelled their DSL for the same reason.

This brings me to my question. Are we throwing out the baby with the bath water as the cliche states?

I understand ISPs desire to stop/slow spam, but I believe in limiting port 25 they are actually restricting many more which are legit. It has become quite difficult to find a broadband DSL that will allow the use of home servers, email or other.

Then they state that I could upgrade to business class to maintain these services. Hmmmm... $40 dollars vs. $150, nah, don't think so.

If these ISP knew what they were doing they would know that "SPAMMERS" can still set up out going mail servers, route them through the ISP mail server and broadcast like crazy.

Anyway, I have grown tired of the good being detrimented with the bad.

Your thoughts?

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Cost Control

by TheChas In reply to Throwing out the baby wit ...

While they may be "throwing out the baby with the bath water", I suspect the main reason for restricting home type DSL accounts is cost control.

ADSL and cable are not meant for users that have any significant amount of up link traffic.

In the forums here, I have seen a number of postings from people trying to make money hosting web-sites on home DSL and cable accounts.

In addition, a growing number of businesses are cutting corners and going with home grade connections.

The broadband ISPs are responding by blocking services that a "recreational" web user should not need.
This does 2 things:
Keeps the bottom line high enough to allow the ISP to provide residential accounts at a "reasonable" rate.
Keeps the "residential" service internet back-bone from being over loaded with traffic.


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Normal here

by Oz_Media In reply to Throwing out the baby wit ...

A good friend of mine runs a business class ISP here, when he first started out residential accounts had port 25 enabled as did his Business class customers.

About a year ago, he dropped Port 25 for residential access and offers it only on his business class DSL service (which I use myself).

Sure cost is nearly $200.00 month with the bandwidth usage but the service isn't comparable. Business class offers a much better QOS than residential and is worth the extra money, especially if running a server,VoIP PBX etc.

REsidential service is for surfing not serving and it's is the isiots who have abused the residential serices (your company name isn't behind it)that have ruined it for the rest.

By lumping yourself in with residential users you are going to be treated no better than the jerks who abuse it, if you are serving business pages or applications over you connection, you should be paying for it too.

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by DC_GUY In reply to Normal here

We've watched the speed of our so-called "high speed" cable ISP drop steadily as more people in our rural area get online. We would certainly not appreciate it if sandbaggers were trying to run their businesses on the residential service.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Sandbaggers

When I lived in New Westminster (Vancouver suburb) my Cable speed averaged 2.5Mbps on a residential service.

Since moving to Port Hardy, I get 3.2Mbps Avg. no Cable and 3 Mbps guarnateed on my DSL line, business line.

One thing I NEVER saw even in New West. was a drop in speed in the evening. Some of my friends saw a drastic difference, I never did. I had a different cable modem though (Motorolla Surf-(something))which was reported everywhere to be better, then the cable company reverted to their old modems again but I kept mine.

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by dwdino In reply to True

First, of all my contract say 1.5/256 or best effort.

Second, I ran no business interests, only private offerings.

Thirdly, my bandwidth usage was 80% download / 30% upload of promised service monthly.

Fourthly, the subject is the blocking of port 25.

Fithly, I had cleared all services with my ISP.

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