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TiggerTwo: Something interesting

By onbliss ·
Yesterday I saw a segment in CNN about a cancer therapy. Incase you did not read/watch; here is a link:

Article exceprt:
Instead of using surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, researchers from the National Institutes of Health are finding so-far limited but inspiring success in a new approach for fighting cancer, using the immune system to attack the tumors the way it would a cold or flu.

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Thanks for the link Onbliss

by Tig2 In reply to TiggerTwo: Something inte ...

I read both the primary story and the related stories with interest. It appears that the trial is about 2 years old now and they have increased the cancers that can be treated with this process to include several others, including Breast Cancer.

One of the challenges that cancer tratments have traditionally faced is the length of time necessary to pronounce a "cure". A course of treatment may be initially successful but ultimately fail. When my cousin was treated for Hodgkins, we knew pretty quickly after treatment that there was no apparent disease remaining but it was ten years before he was finally declaired cancer free.

The ability for cancers to ride body systems to occur in other areas is the problem. Too much is still unknown about that mechanism. For instance, we know that lymph nodes may be affected in some instances of breast cancer. The lymph system is the freeway of the body. So by the theory, if the cancer can get there, it can go anywhere it likes.

I will put this on on my "watch this" list. I like the theory behind the approach and I will be interested in further developments.

Thanks again Onbliss!

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