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Time, gentlemen, please?

By jardinier ·
From 11 am Wednesday Australian Eastern Standard time (7 pm Tuesday US Eastern Standard Time) two of our TV channels have devoted their programming to the progress of the counting of votes in the US election.

However my question is not about the progress of the election (which at the time of posting strongly indicates that Bush will be the winner).

As I have a friend in New Jersey, I know that daylight saving ended last Saturday evening in that State.

My question is: do all States practise Daylight Saving and, if so, is it co-ordinated?

In Australia, Queensland, which is in the same time zone as New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, does NOT observe Daylight Saving while the other states in the same time zone do.

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Observance of Daylight Savings is uniform

by stress junkie In reply to Time, gentlemen, please?

There may be some tiny geographic areas in the US that do not observe this summertime clock adjustment but on the whole Daylight Savings is observed uniformly throughout all of the states. The tiny geographic areas would be a town or a county. Counties are districts in a state.

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Not uniform

by DC_GUY In reply to Time, gentlemen, please?

The entire state of Arizona does not engage in this ridiculous, outmoded, insulting, stressful practice.

If the government issued an edict ordering all the citizens to get up an hour earlier every day from late spring to early autumn, we would rise up as one and throw the presumptuous SOBs out on their butts for far overstepping their constitutional authority.

But when a stupid, lying CLOCK tells us the same thing, we get up like good little boys and girls and do what it says.

Americans trust machines more than people. This is really sad.

If the nation is this desperate to save energy (and well it should be, beneath all the political and religious rhetoric it's the only reason we're in Iraq), our leaders should get more serious about TELECOMMUTING!

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A couple states don't practice DST

by TomSal In reply to Not uniform

As far as I know from my close friend who lives near Pearl Harbor, HI...Hawaii doesn't practice daylight savings just like Arizona doesn't. To be honest, at least for HI I know it doesn't make ANY sense to practice it because of their geographic location on the globe they always get about the same amount of daylight 24/7/365.

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I agree. Sort of.

by CorTech In reply to Not uniform

I agree that Daylight Savings Time is a ridiculious concept, but damn, is it really necessary to throw Iraq into the argument??!!
Let's blame DST on Bush too. Get a cup fo coffee, and chill out.

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by Salamander In reply to Time, gentlemen, please?

Arizona, Hawaii, and the eastern time zone portion of Indiana do not observe daylight savings time.

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Down with Daylight Savings Time

by maxwell edison In reply to Time, gentlemen, please?

I hate it. It's stupid. And it's a real PITA.

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The Plus side of daylight saving ....

by jardinier In reply to Down with Daylight Saving ...

It allows most people (who live along the eastern seaboard) to go to the beach after work if they so desire.

I realise that, situated in Denver, Colorado, you might have a little difficulty in making it to the beach and back in the time available.

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It used to be blamed on the communists

by DelbertPGH In reply to Down with Daylight Saving ...

In the 1950s there was a feeling that every do-gooder initiative was a manifestation of the world wide communist conspiracy. This included daylight savings time and especially the fluoridation of drinking water.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Time, gentlemen, please?

I THINK Arizona doesn't have daylight savings, I haven't heard of others.

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Coordinated, but not universal

by TheChas In reply to Time, gentlemen, please?

The transition from daylight savings time to standard time and back is coordinated.
The time change takes place at 2:00 AM the first Sunday of April, and the last Sunday of October.

As others have stated, several states, parts of states, and towns and counties choose to not observe DST.

Most of the places that opt out of DST have predominately farm and ranch populations.

I am trying to remember the recent history of DST.

In the mid 1970's, Richard Nixon imposed year-round DST to save energy.
What this actually did, was reduce the size of the peak electrical load around 5PM.

I don't remember if it was under Kennedy, Johnson, or Nixon that we started DST to allow for more evening recreation time.

The father of DST was Benjamin Franklin.

DST is predominately a benefit for the outdoor recreation industry.
Golf courses,
Summer league sports,
and Boating all benefit from DST.

In states near the western end of a time zone, DST has the benefit of moving us closer to sundial time.

The industry that has the biggest problem with the DST transitions is the rail-roads.
They have trains stop and wait for the next proper time to move over the section of track they are using.
Large sections of the rail network have only a single track used by trains traveling at different speeds in both directions.
Perfect coordination of train schedules is critical.


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