Time spent on PC maintenance

By sfisher ·
As a network manager, I spend a good deal of time putting out fires that would be mere smoulderings if I put in the time to run normal maintenance tasks on the PC's like Win/Office/driver updates, disk checks, defrags, etc.
How much time do you spend a week on general PC maintenance? And if not, how much time do you spend a week putting out fires on PC's?

Thanks for any input!

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when I have a few minutes

by The Scummy One In reply to Time spent on PC maintena ...

before lunch about every week I start to run a defrag, well, except on the Vista system cause I am trying to fragment it a bit more right now.

As for deleting temps and crap, I've got a batch file to clean it out. It only takes a few seconds usually. I use the same batch file (I shared it out) to clean out systems that I am setting up or fixing.

As for chkdsk, it is a rare run. I probably should run it more oft, but I dont unless probs happen.

As for drivers, I rarely go looking for new drivers unless the system doesnt play nice.

As for patches, where I work, they are forced onto systems at bootup. Usually at least 1 patch a week, no telling what days. Damned SW to control it. The worst is when it installs and forces reboots while I am working....

As for Outlook, this is the pain one. Managing emails that are filling up my MB.

If I have time I sort through the main ones, and dump everything else into a .pst called "unfiled"
then I send my sent items to a .pst called "Sent", and archive regularly. If I dont have time, and my MB is filling up quickly, I just dump everything older than 2 weeks into the unfiled pst.
I create new .pst files every few months, and oust everything over 1 yr. that does not need to be saved.
Managing the MB is the most time consuming single, ongoing task that I have.

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is it necessary?

by sfisher In reply to Time spent on PC maintena ...

Thanks for the info. Apparently my bosses somehow think that "maintenance" really isn't needed in that they don't want me to waste my time on it. I have ~80 PC's (not including the servers) that no one but me takes care of. Personally, I'd rather do the maintenance and not wait until something blows up on the user.

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