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    time to kick off windows 98


    by racybabeuk ·

    i have finally decided i have to get rid of w98 as it keeps crashing and locking up every day now. started to install windows 2000 but got that dreaded upgrade report so got scared and hit cancel. Does it really mean that all my peripherals will not work if i upgrade?

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      by madroxxx ·

      In reply to time to kick off windows 98

      Most likely you can get new drivers that will work from the manufacturers of your peripherals.

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      Go for it

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to time to kick off windows 98

      Windows 2000 is much better than windows 98, and you’ll probably have no problems getting your peripherals to work.

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      Make sure you have your drivers first

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to time to kick off windows 98

      It should work and run MUCH better.
      I’d have one concern, your WIN98 PC is crashing and locking up, this is typical of Win98 but I’d make sure you have all the correct drivers and indentified hardware is correct or you’ll just be running into more trouble later.

      Secondly, download ALL your drivers before the upgrade. If your NIC card isn’t recognized you may not be able to go online and download drivers after the upgrade. It’s better to have everything on disk and just install them as they are recognized.

      If you’re gonna use a Win2K UPGRADE disk, it will be easier but if you’re reformatting and starting FRESH, you want to ensure that your BIOS and AL peripherals have the correct drivers BEFORE the upgrade.

      God luck.

      Note: Next time, the Technical Q&A section is for Technical questions as opposed to the discussion forum.

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      Just check

      by cactus pete ·

      In reply to time to kick off windows 98

      Take the report and check the manufacturers in the list for whether or not they now have drivers. 2000 certainly is worth the risk when compared to 98.

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