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Time to move on

By jardinier ·
I think it is time I moved on from this website after learning that I was sharing cyber space with some VERY, VERY sick people.

Management lifted the Ethiopia thread within minutes of my drawning attention to the highly offensive and LIBELLOUS content.

So dawg and all your sicko friends, have a smirk on me. I must rush off now as school is just coming out.

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Well, as the old saying goes. . . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Time to move on

....don't let the door hit you in the ____ on the way out. (I can't be offensive, here, you know.)

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Aww!!! Boo-hoo-hoo!!! Don't go away mad, just go away. ........ X-(

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Time to move on

Just for your information, your thread wasn't pulled because of any supposed libel or on your account; it was pulled because of the accumulated complaints of the female members of TR, who you had so gratuitously offended.

Here's a little point for you to take note of;it is your stuff that gets pulled on a regular basis and no one elses and if you can't see and understand that you really are a sick, sad, pathetic and delusional, creature.

You've been libelled here??? I'm conceited enough to think you must mean by me. Good! I'm glad you feel like that. That was my intent. Now I suggest you look up the definition of libel and it may surprise you to find out that any honus of proof regarding libel is upon you, not me and you would be putting yourself in the indefensible position of bringing suit against me for my opinions and like it or not, opinions are not libelous offenses.

Don't forget my opinions and those of others are all based upon what you yourself have stated here. You were told you were being offensive and you chose to ignore our sensibilities and continue to offend. The fact that so many have reacted adversely should have at the very least given you pause to reconsider. I will repeat the old joke once again since it has the element of truth to it and it seems so applicable to you and your situation, "Sex is like air; you seldom notice it unless you aren't getting any."

To quote Max, "Don't let the knob hit you in the *** on the way out."

One thing I might add; I don't believe you when you say you are leaving TR because of two items. 1): I feel you are such a consummate liar that you will keep reappearing like a stubborn STD that resists treatment. 2): You are incapable to resist flaunting yourself, mincing about, like an offended, old, queen. Prove me wrong!!!


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for liable

by jdclyde In reply to Aww!!! Boo-hoo-hoo!!! Don ...

doesn't there have to be some kind of damages done. And getting feelings hurt doesn't count.

Have you besmearched (sp?) his character? hmmmm.

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Wha?? Who me?? Besmirch?? Never!! Not me!! But I did without.......... :^0

by sleepin'dawg In reply to for liable

doubt question it and you will note I kept all the context of my questions in the form of my opinions. I know how to skate around those minor details. I know what constitutes libel and I think, like most of his ideas, he dreams in technicolor. After all he was/is a friend of Oz.

Now all that remains is for me to try and figure out what Oz's last rant at me was all about. I thought we had agreed to disagree and had called a truce on our flame war. Some how he is under the misconception that sleepin'dawg and Dawg are two different people. Am I supposed to defend me against myself? It remains without doubt, one of Oz's more abstract and interesting ideas, so far.

Dawg ]:)

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His one post was interesting

by jdclyde In reply to Wha?? Who me?? Besmirch?? ...

about how you just wish you were an american.....

No, it didn't sound like he intended it as a complement.

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I am a proud Canadian who has many and varied interests in the US.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to His one post was interest ...

I have always been amused by those who castigate and endeavour to pillory the US isn the courts of world opinion. What usually stops most of them cold, is when I ask them to consider the alternatives. Would they have preferred being a captive ally nation of the former Soviet Union??? Maybe they would like to become cozy with the Peoples Republic of China??? Most of these pissant nations such as Austrakia for one, are jealois of the US and the sway it exercises in world affairs while nobody pays serious attention totheir bleatings. Take note that Australia is not even considered to be a worthy candidate for the G8.

I like Americans and the US but I have no intention of becoming an American citizen. As I said, I'm proid to be Canadian and that does not necessitate my hating the US. I am of the opinion that those who claim they do so, will be the first to cry for help from the US whenever their piddly little countries are thereatened by any disaster, either natural or political, Add to that that most people, Americans and Canadians included, have little or no knowledge of international affairs or current events.

Dawg ]:)

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NO he did NOT!

by Tig2 In reply to for liable

What Dawg said was "Has someone else noticed the OVERTONES (emphasis, mine) of paedophila and perversion?"

In short, Dawg asked a question.

In order to be considered libel, an accusation would have been required, or a statement of fact not inclusive to the initial statement to include additional facts not readily apparent. Therefore "you are a ..." or "I have seen you on this day at this time supported by these evidences..." These points might then be examined by a legal entity for veracity and inclusion.

Julian's response to Dawg was a couple of days- by my clock CDT- later and he had posted in the interim. Why then, after a number of women had complained, was it pulled? I suggest that "libel" had nothing to do with it.

Julian may have painted himself with a brush that he is not happy about now. That was a choice he made. Attacking us is not going to change the fact that he made the initial distasteful post.

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by jdclyde In reply to NO he did NOT!

read Dawgs reply. He understood they way I intended my posts.

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With all the accusations lately

by Tig2 In reply to tig

And the seeming inability on the part of SOME people, I guess I over-reacted. Fact is that I have been irritated on this point for a couple of days- Dawg has been accused but few bothered to actually READ what he wrote.

I know that you were not accusing Dawg. And I wasn't jumping on you- just jumping.


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by jdclyde In reply to With all the accusations ...

you have to stop letting people get to you.

No one can upset you unless you LET them upset you.

be well my dear, and happy fourth!

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