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Tiny popup toolbar in IE

By gralfus ·
Tried Googling this, but didn't know what to call it, so got a million useless hits about popup blockers.
Is there any way to keep that little popup toolbar from showing when I put my mouse over a picture when using IE? It is the one that allows you to save, print, send, or open My Documents. Annoying in excelsis.

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Easy peasy

by Oz_Media In reply to Tiny popup toolbar in IE

You're supposed to be posting technical questions in the Technical Q&A forum. As this one is really quick, no problem.

It's controlled through IE's Internet Options.

Open IE and go to TOOLS>INTERNET OPTIONS and click the ADVANCED TAB.
Scroll Down to the Multimedia section and uncheck the box that says "Enable Image Toolbar (requires restart)" now just close IE and reopen it, you're done.

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Sometimes it's the easy ones...

by gralfus In reply to Easy peasy

Thanks! I stopped using the Tech Q&A because I have never received a response. Looks like lots of others never have either.

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Technical Q&A

by TheChas In reply to Sometimes it's the easy o ...

I know that I speak for several of the peers here as to why questions posted in the Technical Q&A section may not be answered:

1. The question is unclear.

2. Not enough details are provided.

3. The question is beyond our areas of expertise.
(This is common for Apple, Programming, and "odd" software packages.)

4. Research, or a lot of typing is required and the points are too low to be worth the effort.

5. The peer has a known history of not awarding points.

6. The question is posted in multiple different sections at the same time.
(Pick the "best" category and wait. Please!!)

7. The title does not relate to the question.
I read the title of all the open questions every day I am on-line. If the title makes me believe that:
a. I don't have an answer,
b. other peers would have answered by now,
I don't bother to read the question.

A couple of times, I have been bored enough to go through the old open questions.
1 or more of the above reasons applies to nearly every question that has not been answered.


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Speed of reply

by gralfus In reply to Technical Q&A

For most technical questions I (and most others) need a fast turn around. If the questions don't get answered, or can't be answered, then I have to go somewhere else. My questions to the Tech Q&A had no response for a few days each time, so I quit bothering with that forum, regardless of the reasons why (though I stated them clearly and with detail). I didn't know there were points involved with any of these things. I guess that is important to some folks.

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I always get a prompt reply

by Oz_Media In reply to Speed of reply

I have never waited for answers on Tech Q&A they usualy come within a few hours and the problem is solved.

I find that people learn who uses the correct channels, awards points etc. and remember you when you need help.

I am not saying you have been blacklisted but just don't give up on using the right channels, just have a little patience. If you don't HAVE time, make it, time is easily MADE when needed. If the stop watch runs overtime will you be sent to your death or simply inconvenienced?

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by TheChas In reply to Tiny popup toolbar in IE

Well, this kind of issue belongs more in the Technical Q&A section, not the discussion center.

That said, What you want to do, is disable the image toolbar.

Open Internet Options.

Click on the Advanced tab.

Scroll down to the Multi-Media section.

Un-check "Enable Image Toolbar"

Apply and restart.


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