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Today is the day Democrats in America have Dreaded

By jdclyde ·
This morning, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has announced that she will be retiring from the Supreme Court.

President George W. Bush will now be the person to fill this vacancy, to the utter horror of the alledged "progressive liberal movement".

Some have said President Bush will use this to try to get Roe v Wade overturned and was one of the big rallying points for trying to get Senator John Kerry elected instead.

Will this be the end of crazy decisions that grant the city councels the right to legally steal your land?

Will the fillibuster come out? Most likely.
Will the rule to change rules come out to slap the fillibuster down? Most likely.
Will the Constitution survive this? Most likely.
Will it be ugly? Most likely.
Will we go on? Most likely.

NOTE: Most "most likely"'s can be substituted with the word "definately". I was just on a roll is all.

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you've got to be kidding me...

by jck In reply to Today is the day Democrat ...

The constitution's intent has been raped for decades by our legal system and general lack of understanding of how to work together for the common good. The legal system (both legislative and judicial) has made a mockery out of the premises this country was built on.

Sure, we can come together (like after 9/11) when we need to. However, most Americans live in a self-absorbed universe only thinkin of how they can save money for a new toy or how they can get those fancy things that impress others.

jmgarvin, I'll do what I can to help you find something in County friend lives just miles from there. I'll probably be in Tipp or Clare.

Just glad my house is gonna be almost double in value when I go to sell. I will have money enough to live for a year or better there.

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I think I missed your point.....

by jdclyde In reply to you've got to be kidding ...

did you have one?

And for the record, it is ONLY the Conservative judges that try to maintain original intent.

For more details about that you would have to go see Max's new post. An EXCELLENT adventure dude! I mean he does a great job of identifying the whos/whens/wheres and whys.

Side note: what is wrong with working hard to get something you want? "pursuit of happyness" remember? What is wrong with someone building up equity in their house so they can retire in Ireland? Nothing wrong with it.

Oh yeah, about your note about "popularity" of REAL beer, to that all I have to say is "bud light" and "miller". Just like your poll comment. The vast masses are a bunch of a$$es.... :^O

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you miss a lot

by jck In reply to I think I missed your poi ...

you point out in your bold type whether or not the constitution will survive.

Physically...I say maybe.
In didn't last past about 1970s.

As for only conservative judges wanting to uphold original intent: that's like saying only guys from Michigan have beards. Conservative judges vote liberally sometimes...liberal judges vote to uphold traditions sometimes. That was an extremist view you took there...that must be what only conservatives do too...since you're a conservative after all...right?

About Max's post: yes...very thorough...of course, I did as good (and more brief) of a job mapping out that Bush has out extended the Authorizations in H.R. 114 that lined-out what he could do in Iraq. Thanks for noticing that. You're probably doubting that the Senate website I gave is real? Maybe I hacked them and put that there?

BTW, there's nothing wrong with building equity in my was a *good* misread that statement. (unless I mistyped something)
I just noticed what you're referring to...most people in this country save their money and buy toys and stuff...and don't pay their bills, feed their kids, me...I see it daily...women out at big lots buying patio decorations when their 5 year old is wearing ragged clothes.

Friggin unreal sh*t man. that's what I meant...people are saving to **** their money on insignificant crap all the time, when they have responsibilities to pay...not that it's wrong to buy equity property that is an investment in the future.


As for your real beer commentary: Just remember...Guinness is the most consumed beer worldwide...Ireland consumes more beer a year than the United states and has about 1% of the population.

So is just in areas of one country. about me using a poor're pointing out a beer that is popular with a minority of people...although, more than Killians.

You're just sore that I like a beer that's more widely accepted, loved and appreciated than one you like.

What do I say? If 3 million *real* Irish men and women (ones born and raised there...not psuedo-wanna-bes) love it, there's something good about it.

Make all the fun you want...Dubya is running his presidency in the ground by almost letting 2,000 troops die to rebuild Iraq...I drink a more full-flavored, more purchased, more consumed beer than you...and, I don't try poke at your opinions all the time.

Enough though. I am going home as soon as I get done running these reports and stuff.

Have a nice Independence Day...and I hope some developer doesn't kick you and your kids out of your house soon.

Welcome to America...give me your wallet...

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yes no and yes

by jdclyde In reply to you miss a lot

The part about the Constitution surviving was in regards to all the shrill screaming about the "constitutional crisis" at hand when the Reps proposed doing away with the super majority vote in order to get a vote.

I DID say it was good to save the money! I just used that as an example to put it in your ballpark so you could relate that there is NOTHING wrong with making a profit.

HMMM, you slipped in an edit from the time I read your post and the time I hit reply. Sneaky! I also used to see things that would make me sick. Used to work in a gas station and scumbags would come in and get a pop and pack of smokes for themselves but would tell their kids "no" if they asked for a 50 cent candybar. How pathetic.

Bud is VERY "popular" in this land we live in. Thus making my point that popular is not always a sign of something being good.

As for your hr114 post, I haven't gotten back to that discussion to see it yet. SOME of us have the "w" word to do today...... ;\

But I DID hear a lot about this during the election, which was the point of this post. NOT to poke at you, it was just timing that I had heard about her retiring so I had to get this up.

And a grand fourth of july weekend to you. See you on TUESDAY!

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the "w" word

by jck In reply to yes no and yes

You have wal-mart to do?

Actually, I've already created an interface for my boss (when he gets back) to be able to pull up pre-made Crystal Reports, I've configured a local FTP service and got an FTP file transfer/format conversion utility written, and started specifying the app I'll be writing next month to synchronize all 3 solid waste stations onto one real-time DB.

I do a little work too, ya know

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Wait until you see

by TonytheTiger In reply to yes no and yes

a mother put Beer, Cigarettes, and Diapers up on the counter, then when the total is more than the money she has, puts the diapers back.

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Gah...I'm gonna need it soon!

by jmgarvin In reply to you've got to be kidding ...

This whole insanity is just killing me. It seems the American public just LOVES to get raped on a daily basis.

What happened to states rights? What happened to the federal government being the "guide on the side?" What happened to FOLLOWING THE CONSTITUTION!!??? Why do our judges keep ruling on what the feds can do, but forget that the feds are only there to take up the slack the states can't deal with.

Don't get me started on Social Security and the whole fiasco of that mess. Gads, us Gen Xers (and Gen Yers) will be paying for the baby boomers, the Iraq war, and for this insanity that keeps coming out of Washington.

Great, I just need a work visa and a job over there and I should be set. :-) I wonder if any of the universities are hiring??? I should be done with the piled higher and deeper in about 2 years (I hope). hmmmm....

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For real when us 30-somethings hit retirement..

by TomSal In reply to Gah...I'm gonna need it s ...

Our SS check will be for $1.49 each week......and of course by then even a candy bar will cost $6.00.

Oh great....I'm gonna be working until I'm dead.


!!Disclaimer for those without a sense of humor: Yes I know there likely won't be SS at all by then, and yes I realize you can't live on SS alone either! lol!!

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On Social Security

by maxwell edison In reply to Gah...I'm gonna need it s ...

Social Security was one of the worst government programs ever devised. It started Amerika on its road to the current socialist state in which we find ourselves.

The only ones to benefit from it are the people who've retired between 1945 and 1975. The ones who retired between 75 and 05 are probably at about a break-even. The baby-boomers (of which I am one) will get the short end of the stick, having been faced with paying social security taxes that were about 500 percent higher, as a percentage of income, than most of our predecessors paid, while our benefits will be reduced dramatically. And you're right, the next generation after me will be the ones to really get screwed. It's a silly system to expect one generation of workers to pay the previous generation, which is what it really amounts to.

But you know what? Even though it's painfully obvious how grossly inefficient and/or unfair, and/or unconstitutional it's been, how many people will come right out and espouse the eventual elimination of the Social Security system? I will. In fact, count me as leading the bandwagon. Want to jump on?

I propose we find a way to equitably get everybody OFF the social security system, gradually reducing both the benefits and the taxes over some given amount of time, eventually taking both the benefits AND the taxes to ZERO. My estimated timetable for the gradual reduction would be around 50 years.

It might go something like this:

The people just starting off in life, say 18 and under, will not have to pay ANY social security taxes. However, they will get absolutely NO social security benefits either. They will have to be warned that they MUST provide for their own retirement, and, of course, educated on how and why. But if they don't save on their own for their own, that's just too bad. (As it should be and always was before the SS debacle was created.)

The 18-25 crowd might just get a full refund of what they've already paid, perhaps put into mandatory personal retirement plan, and will also have to plan for their own retirement, but have a small amount upon which to build.

The 25-35 crowd might have their taxes and benefits cut by some percentage, maybe also see some kind of refund as described, and they will see a combination of Social Security benefits and a self-retirement plan. The reduced SS taxes could also be put into mandatory personal retirement plan.

The 35-45 crowd will be the same as the 25-35, but with different percentages.

And on it goes.....

The current old folks will see no changes, unless certain conditions exist. For example, did you know that Warren Buffet is collecting social security? Why? Sure, he paid into it, but he never paid SS taxes on his income that was over $85,000 a year, and that was most of his income (or most of his "net worth"). Maybe there should be some sort of sliding scale for reducing current benefits for people who have a certain net worth, especially if it's a result of having not paid taxes on that income that was over $85,000. No, it wouldn't be fair, but we gotta' start cutting benefits if we are going to start cutting SS taxes.

That's kind of simplistic, I know, and it would be much more detailed than that. But I think we all know what a gradual reduction in both benefits and taxes really means.

Work for the eventual elimination of ALL Social Security benefits AND taxes. Yes or no? I say yes. Who will say yes with me?

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by jmgarvin In reply to On Social Security

I'd rather KEEP my money and not have it going into a general fund that is going to be raped and pillaged!

My 401k is huring, the IRA is killing me, and I still will never have enough to retire. (I'm guessing that I'll need at least $1 million in the bank to retire AND pay for doctors AND medicine AND housing AND car repair AND food AND etc etc. Think about it...with anything less than that you can't afford to won't have SS, you won't have medicaid/medicare, you won't have medical/dental insurance for a resonable amount, etc)

SS needs to just die. We (Gen X and Gen Y) can't support a generation that is twice our size!!

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