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Too much misinformation

By jterry ·
Am I the only one who is tired of the misinformation that some poeple are spouting off. No matter what subject is being discussed it seems like there are a few individuals who want to input some statistics that I think they pulled out of there A**. It's hard to tell what information is useful when you have to sift through the garbage to find it.

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Welcome to the real world

by DMambo In reply to Too much misinformation

Isn't that the case everywhere? :)

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please Cite your sources

by jdclyde In reply to Welcome to the real world

How can you make this wild claim of it being "everywhere"? Have you BEEN everywhere to know this? Was it in a poll? A scientific study? Is it in the bible/Koran somewhere?

I find it insulting that you would spread such false information with no regard to the truth! ;\

Edited to hide the fact that I misused a word and got caught by the spelling police.....

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It was a question, you freak

by DMambo In reply to please Cite your sources

That squiggly thing at the end of the sentence is what is called a "question mark." I'm afraid I can't cite the source for this little grammatical device, but perhaps you can look it up in a first-grade text book at your local library.

(Seeing in my mind JD seething with anger, but knowing that he can't fight the logic he has been faced with. It's a good thought, well enjoyed)

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why you dirty.....

by jdclyde In reply to It was a question, you fr ...

now when have you EVER known me to be "seething with anger" except for at my ex-wife?

I was just being my normal sarcastic self, as you well know! ;\

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Bring it on, mofo

by DMambo In reply to why you dirty.....

How dare you say "as you well know" to me. Have you surveyed my brain. How do you know what's coursing through my nanites?

(Steelers by 7 or 8, don't you think?)

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Survey SAY!

by jdclyde In reply to Bring it on, mofo

10. take it by 10.

and my spies are everywhere!

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virtual fights

by nazil dsouza In reply to Bring it on, mofo

hahaha hey people i am enjoying these virtual fights hahaha as much as you guys boil up.. hey dude better keep a dictionary in your pocket rather than reading words quite differently. plus dude its time u clean that dirt off your glasses .... cool over me

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The thing I enjoyed

by jdclyde In reply to virtual fights

about that last "bout" with Mambo was that the titles actually had nothing to do with what we were discussing!

dictionary? Are we getting graded here? Will we get a dock in pay?

I figure if the Brits and Canuks can mangle spelling, then so can I! :^O

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jd: Mangling spelling

by neilb@uk In reply to virtual fights

Yes, you can. Oh, yes indeedy! Bloody ****, can you? Yes!

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oh bloody....

by jdclyde In reply to virtual fights

I'm not THAT bad at spelling! (am I?)

Twit, you could at least lie to spare my feeling!

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