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Toronto Air Crash

By BFilmFan ·
Just a brief note to all my Canadian and European friends that you're in my thoughts this afternoon as I watch the footage from the airline disaster.

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No one died

by Dr Dij In reply to Toronto Air Crash

looks like everyone got out, 14 injured. seems they landed in raging storm.

this kind of thing highlights the need for the close weather radar - doppler radar I think? that shows microbursts.

supposedly this also alerts pilots who can pull up till fairly close to the runway

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as Drj put it..

by Jaqui In reply to Toronto Air Crash

no fatalities so far.
seems that upon running off the runway and into the ditch there was enough time for the majority of people to leave the plane before it burst into flames.

it has affected all airtravel though, pierson airport is essentially closed due to the accident.

14- 28 people with minor injuries, 250 people on the airplane. ( air france airbus )
still no fatalities ( current report at 4:22 pm pacific time )

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by Jaqui In reply to as Drj put it..

everyone got out of the plane it time.
the worst injury reported was the pilot, he broke his leg or ankle.

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this is the best, most accurate, and fastest

by gadgetgirl In reply to yup..

way of getting news in the world.

I've never known anything like this board - anything and everything is discussed, but I greatly appreciate the "first hand" news elements that we're getting lately. Seems to work extremely well - probably because we're spaced out all over the globe.

Just wanted to say thanks, people. Nice to be in the right loop, with the right accurate information when the news happens.

Big thank you virtual hug to all!


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Nobody died?! Wicked

by house In reply to Toronto Air Crash

The orginal news cast was that 60 were safe, and all others were trapped inside and believed to be fataly injured.

I just watched a brief this morning where a firefighter initially entered and exited the plane claiming that there is nobody left on board. That must have been quite a relief. Everyone came slidding out of the baggage chutes.

All 309 people are alive with 14 minor injuries.

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90 seconds

by beads In reply to Nobody died?! Wicked

Everyone got out of the plane in roughly 90 seconds. Which is the maximum amount of time allowable for a commericial jet befrore the FAA will allow the manufacturer to fly over the US.

Simply incredible job by the flight crew and passengers, alike. Kudos to them all.

- beads

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