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Total "Class" acts.

By Mickster269 ·
Remember when some one left, with a complete sense of decorum, grace, and a bit of "je ne sais quoi" ?

If it was because they were fired, they quit... or, other reasons made them leave your life?

To me, the ultimate was when Johnny Cash died, NiN changed their home page to respect him.

They had a black page as thier website. All that was written on it (in white letters), was Johnny Cash's name, his date of birth, and his date of death.

That, to me, was a class act.

Reznor still occasionally refers to "Hurt" as "a song that isn't mine anymore

So, we've all left jobs, and have seen others. What's your best memory of it?

*edited due to gross misspellings, unclear sentances, and because I'm a goofball.

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I guess you could call it a job

by mjd420nova In reply to Total "Class" acts.

I was a member of the first and original crew aboard a new destroyer in the U S NAVY in 1969. I was the last "plank owner" to leave the ship in 1974. As I left, the ships bell was stuck and I was announced "departing". I thought that was very touching and it is a tradition for all original members.

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Dammit, Mick, you made me sad again.....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Total "Class" acts.

My "leaving" . . . .

From the age of around eight, I got into dancing in a big way. The Ballroom type, that is. Specialised in Latin American, lots of modern ballroom, and just a little old time and sequence.

From age 11, I started breaking legs and ankles with regular monotony. In one really bad stretch, I was only OUT of a plaster cast for a total of three consecutive weeks in a whole calendar year.

At the age of 19, having had 9 breaks on the left leg, 11 on the right (oh, and throw in a broken right arm for good measure) I was told in no uncertain terms to give up dancing. For good.

So, one Sunday, 19 November, in a large old hall in Wallsend, I had my "Last Waltz".

This is the dancers' swan song - it is the last dance he/she dances as an (ex) competitor, and is usually with one of the judges. It is a display type of dance but also a chance to be alone on the floor one last time. It need not be a waltz; the retiring dancer chooses his/her favourite dance, and whatever that is, whether waltz, quickstep, jive, rumba etc. it is still called the Last Waltz.

I was extremely fortunate in that my "Last Waltz" was with Alan Fletcher, the then current Latin World Champion, along with his wife, Hazel. Unfortunately, due to the damaged bones from which I was still recovering, I wasn't allowed to do a Latin Jive with him (still bugs me) but I had a wonderful waltz, I am told.... couldn't see a thing, I cried the whole way through.....

Still have my silver "dancing shoe" necklace, still in its' box, even after three burglaries....

Still love dancing, still jive around the kitchen to my old dance tunes if they come on the radio, still wish I could have been a professional dancer. Still wonder if I could have been "someone", I suppose.

It wasn't leaving a job, but it was leaving a profession. Now, how I got from that to doing Information Security....nah, you haven't got the three weeks it would take to tell that one!!


Edit: "watery eyes"

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by Old Guy In reply to Dammit, Mick, you made me ...

You ARE someone and don't ever think otherwise!

Edited to add: It's not what we do who makes us someone--we make what we do SOMETHING by who we are.

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Yeah, what "The" Old Guy said

by DMambo In reply to GG,

GG, there are some people thousands of miles away whom you've never even met that think you're pretty special.

(I'll list them later if I can actually come up with any names)

(that last line was a joke! )

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thanks you two, I'm smiling again!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Yeah, what "The" Old Guy ...

it's just been a rough couple of weeks, that's all, and the reminder of my Last Waltz was very nearly the Last Straw!

DangerMouse - start listing!!!

(There are a few overseas that I think are very special, too....! )

Could list them here, but I didn't put a Glow Alert notification on the header.....



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DM you can start with my name, I figure Australia

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Yeah, what "The" Old Guy ...

counts as far enough away.

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I think you're someone.

by shardeth-15902278 In reply to Yeah, what "The" Old Guy ...

Just in case my opinion matters

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Hey, GG! Count New York in, too...

by vanessaj In reply to Yeah, what "The" Old Guy ...

I think you're pretty special! :) I really enjoy reading your posts. Keep sharing!

edited to add: I was able to change my name from vanessa@ to vanessaj, but I'm the same person that has been around for the last few Now if it would just let me change my avatar......

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Hey, GG! Count New York ...

If you log out and then back in you should then be able to change your Avatar.

Seems it's something to do with the recent Server Migration that quite a lot of stuff is tired up with old Cookies and when you update then everything works again properly.


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Nope...nothing...thanks, though for

by vanessaj In reply to Vanessa

giving it a try. I even deleted my cookies last week and then I WAS able to change/update my account info, but NOT my profile info. I'ts very discouraging. I may make a new profile and try it out on there. Do you know if I can transfer all my info from one profile to another? If not, do you know who would know? Thanks. :)

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