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TQ&A fix...

By Jaqui ·
in the recent thread about TQ&A I pointed out to droolin that it's the lack of feedback from those asking the questionns that get people irritated with the TQ&A.

I know it's been bandied around to include the TQ&A into the Discussions, with a single posting screen and a radio button / select box for picking where the post should go.
[ at least on new topics ]

We have questioned the validity of this, because of the points. [ useless or not isn't relevant ]

I say take a look at, they use the forum format for their entire Q&A. They do ask that when a question is answered effectively the original poster change the title of the post to add --Solved to it.
[ which has as much sucess as people closing questions here ]

why not use the discussions for the TQ&A?
then at least feedback is easier to get from the original poster, even if the post doesn't get a solved/closed tag added to the title. Instead of having two sections of the site, it is one section, and the select box / radio button can set a tag for the posting.
[ Question or Discussion ]

no points for tracking like that, only have member activity/rating skewed higher by participation in the question tagged posts.
[ or something like that ]

Generally, no-one really worries about points, they just want the feedback on if the answer was helpfull.

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Jaqui if I remember correctly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to TQ&A fix...

That's exactly what Jay or Smorty said was planed except for the Solved bit in the heading.

It will mean the end of Tech points but I don't see a problem with that at all thy are fairly useless for most people and I don't know of any people who take them seriously at all.

Good Riddance as far as I'm concerned.


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Yup Col

by Jaqui In reply to Jaqui if I remember corre ...

I remember them saying that they were concidering doing that.

I was only pointing out the biggest reason it works better, the feedback from the original poster.

It's to bad that getting the solved bit into the title doesn't happen. people are just lazy when it comes to following up on the details I guess.

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Jaqui you know what most people are like

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Yup Col

They want an answer to their problem NOW without needing to look around for a solution in any form. And then when they get a solution they go on their merry way without thinking that they should need to thank those that offered help.

Granted It's predominately Windows Users that I've run across this with as in the Nix groups that I participate in I can't remember anyone not actually thanking people for the effort put in to find a solution/workaround or whatever I'm sure that there must be some it's just that I haven't seen them personally.


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by Jaqui In reply to Jaqui you know what most ...

look at
they don't get the original post title changed, so it's there that you'll find the non appreciative *x people...

hold it..

those are the new to *x from windows people.

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Oye !!!

by rob mekel In reply to Jaqui you know what most ...

don't generalize ]:)

lol, whom of the TR-users have you seen personally as for that matter who have you seen personally at all !!! mmm, I guess this could get me flamed

I assume you have seen a lot of Aussie's around, are they any nice? The ones I have met where reasonably good blokes. :) but then that was mostly when they were (or I was) on holiday.


edited for @#$%@# syntac error

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Well it can't harm

by rob mekel In reply to Jaqui if I remember corre ...

to bring it to their attention again. I'm all with you guy's :)


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The only good use for points

by Tig2 In reply to TQ&A fix...

I agree with NeverBusted- I want enough points for a pony.

Seriously though, I think that the new format will help some. Those that are more active participants are aware of the need to close a question and rate the answers, others not so much. We will always get the ones that post their school homework here- don't think that will ever go away. But I have seen those kinds of questions posted to Discussions too.

The "Site Activity Rating" baffles me. It sems that the rating is based on number, not quality of posts. That seems a bit off to me.

Of course, a spell checker would also be a welcome addition... Sorry guys, I had to go there.

At least if we are talking about solutions, we're keeping the topic alive and letting the Powers That Be know what we'd like to see.

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TT not only a spoil Checker

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The only good use for poi ...

But a Grammar & US English Translator as well would be useful. :)

Personally I've put my foot in it a couple of times now without realising or intending to by saying something that is common place here that means something completely different there. And no I'm not going to repeat them again because I don't need the problems that come along with these misunderstandings.

Col ]:)

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Col, one of my good friends is a kiwi

by Tig2 In reply to TT not only a spoil Check ...

And we manage to understand each other just fine. I don't seem to have any issues with understanding you or anyone else here.

Secret is to WANT to understand, I think.

Frankly, if they think that they will get me to spell in American, they're wrong. Been doing it this way for a long time. It works.

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TT it's not so much the spelling

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Col, one of my good frien ...

But some of the phrasing that the problem comes in with.

Quite a lot of what is considered as nothing more than acceptable throw away lines here are understood differently in the US and that that's where the real problems crop up from time to time.

For example you saying that you've been running in the rain and I shoot back something about there are easier ways to get involved in a Wet T Shirt Competition. Now that an easy one to understand but when I use terms like Fair Suck of the Sav or Fair Crack of the Whip I'm lead to understand that means something totally different in your neck of the woods. Here they both mean Give me a Break will you! where as some people in the US take it to mean something different.

I've accidentally put my foot in it enough not to want a repeat performance.

Col ]:)

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