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TQ&A improvement ideas

By jdclyde ·
A few ideas to throw and the hard working code monkeys of TR.

When you close a TR&A, at that point it should prompt the user to explain what it was that resolved the issue.

While it is bad when people don't rate Q&A's, it isn't a whole lot better when they don't let us know if it was resolved and how. An example of a cliff hanger offense is here:

Now, while I understand this user may be new to this sort of thing, it would have been nice to find out what the outcome was? ;\

Another idea, to be able to reply directly to someones post without having to rate it. If you are close to an answer, but need just a little bit more feedback, having to reject them and then make them post again throws off their rating and can be taken as a slap in the face to some.

I can't wait to see what the new member rating will be like to show who is a member worthy of helping vs the worms.

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Ummm jd

by stargazerr In reply to TQ&A improvement ideas

I think Jay said something about pulling the tech Q&A alltogether.

And thanks for putting in the link to Jay's Ubuntu Laptop's battery problem. I was about to peer mail him and ask what solved it . This should wake him up


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by Jaqui In reply to TQ&A improvement ideas

I know, they should do something like

where the questions are the forums, and the thread title is supposed to be edited to say SOLVED after it has been solved.
no points, no ratings, just questions and answers.

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by Jaqui In reply to oh....oh....oh..oh..oh..o ...

they are using the vbulliten commercial scripts for the site.

actually a pretty good set of php scripts.

editing to add:

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