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By j.lupo ·
OK, three times today I attempted to provide a comment to the only person who responded to my question on Q&A. Now of course my comments don't show AND the answer was rejected (which was my only means of even submitting the comment)

Maybe I just can't get it to work. At any rate, the question is still open and is about hardware:

I think that is the correct link to IT Support - Hardware and my question. I am not having a very good day today.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Adding Comments in Q&A

by maxwell edison In reply to TQ&A interesting

You can only add a comment to your initial question if you want to keep the answers open. The person answering can add a comment to his answer, and it will stay open. The only way you can add a comment to a person's answer is to do it in the process of either accepting or rejecting the answer. But you cannot add a comment to an answer without rating the answer.

Most people include a string of comments to their original question, perhaps even addressed to specific people who provided answers. However, unless that person comes back to read your additional comments, he/she may not ever see them. When a person's answer is rated, the person may be notified (if that option was selected). But that person will not be notified for the addition of comments or other answers.

Did I answer your question? Any comments?

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Yes somewhat

by j.lupo In reply to Adding Comments in Q&A

Thank you for explaining. I do appreciate it.

The question, which I may not have articulated correctly, is what happened to the comments associated with the Reject on the response? They didn't show up either. I didn't want to reject, but I did want the comments.

From now on all comments will go on the question and I won't rate anything until I make a final decision on what helps me best.

Thanks for the guidence. I appreciate it.

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Three Choices

by maxwell edison In reply to Yes somewhat

You can add a comment to an answer while rejecting that answer.


You can add a comment to an answer while accepting that answer.


You cannot add a comment to an answer.

If you added a comment and selected reject, the missing comment can probably be attributed to the current site redesign the TechRepublic folks are working on -- and doing a fine job as well, I must say.

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but he can add a comment to the question

by CG IT In reply to Three Choices

the three choices pertain to an answer. You can add comments to your question to give those than provide suggestions additional information which will not close the question and reject or accept an answer and close the question.

The system is somewhat confusing in providing additional information on a question by the questioner. Many times questioners reject answers because they can't seem to find a way to add additional information to their question.

Another way ot provide additional information is to email it to the answerer [provided that they have allowed it].

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Exactly - That's why I said. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to but he can add a comment ...

...."You can only add a comment to your initial question if you want to keep the answers open", in my original answer.

(My three choices were pertaining to adding a comment to an answer.)

I think we may be confusing the issue.

We're answering comments, commenting on answers and questioning the answer's comments without commenting on a previous answer, and I wonder if he even has an answer that he can comment on, if I understand the question, that is.


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Im so confused!!!

by CG IT In reply to Exactly - That's why I sa ...


But your right, answering comments, commenting on answers questioning the questioners question with comments and wondering why we have a headache.

Besides all that, wondering who won the IPod and whether they gave Oz a tee shirt with the coffee mug so he won't wear the tutu.

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You both helped!!!

by j.lupo In reply to Im so confused!!!

THANK YOU!!!! very very much. I think I gots it now, really.

Now if I get answers that would be nice. It was my very very first question asked since I joined TR in 10/2001.

CG IT I believe TR said they had legal stuff first, then we find out who got the 2nd I-Pod.

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Bugs and such

by TheChas In reply to TQ&A interesting

From time to time, strange bugs and errors show up especially in the TQ&A section.

I have seen posts disappear for days at a time.

All of the comments you added may magically appear tomorrow.

Since you are having problems posting a comment, try clicking on the link to send the peer who answered your question a private message.

Personally, when the peer asking a questions needs more information, I prefer that my answer either be rejected with a comment, or a private message be sent to me.

I do not regularly go back and check questions that I have posted an answer to unless I discover new information on the problem.

If you don't get a response, post a new question asking for the additional details you need.

Another technique that works well, is to post a new question titled "Points for (peer name)".

In the body of the question, let them know about the original question and what other information you need.

Most of all, welcome to TR and enjoy!


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Thanks Chas

by j.lupo In reply to Bugs and such

I will keep your advice in mind as I plod a long. :)

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Actually TR is in the process of redesigning the site

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks Chas

When the new site is rolled out it will no longer be T Q & A but be knows as The Chas's Answer Forum where you can contact Chas directly for an answer or waste your time by posting it and the waiting for Chas to get around his over filled mail box to get to the Questions that have been posted.

What makes it even worse is that he is generally correct in everything that he posts and about the only time I've seen a wrong answer from him was when the wrong question was asked.

As TR's unofficial Guru he'll not only be available 24/7/365 for answers but will also have a toll free phone number to ring that he pays for just to help people out. This is in an attempt to cure his addiction to playing on a computer after he finishes work and is an extreme form of Adversion Therapy but we are trying hard to help the poor guy out.

Sorry Chas I know it's a cheap shot but what can I say I couldn't help myself or the Devil made me do it.

But seriously as the question is now closed do you require any more info?

Col ]:)

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