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TR Community scoreboard for May 11, 2012

By Sonja Thompson Staff ·
TR members with the most total posts on the forums
Slayer_ - 36
wizard57m -32
Hal 9000 - 28
vulpine, Palmetto_CharlieSpencer, and NickNielsen - 24
hippiekarl - 23

TR members with the most Votes Up in the Discussions forum
karmagirl7 - 39
Charles Bundy - 36
agilebrainz - 34
NickNielsen - 31
Palmetto_CharlieSpencer - 27

TR members with the most Votes Up in the Q&A forum
OH Smeg - 12
NickNielsen - 6
robo_dev, Slayer_, samarpatel - 2

Spam busters
wizard57m ??? 57
hippiekarl - 3
Palmetto_CharlieSpencer, marbo100, dcolbert, mckinnej, FAST!!!, ssharkins, lord_beavis, don.howard, ArtfulDodger101, PoppaTab - 1

Also, we'd like to wish a very happy birthday to TR members BFilmFan and Ganyssa!

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It's Friday!

by GSG In reply to TR Community scoreboard f ...

Happy birthday BFilmFan and Ganyssa! I'm also glad to see that people are giving those thumbs up in the Q&A forum.

Also, head over to the watercooler. Slayer has started a new Friday Yuk and we need some jokes to get us through the day.

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Happy Birthday to both

by NickNielsen In reply to TR Community scoreboard f ...

Another year, another gray hair! (Unless, of course, you're fighting back.)

And I've discovered the secret to getting votes up in the Q&A: reply to a question from somebody who understands what positive reinforcement is all about. B-)

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At this point,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Happy Birthday to both

I'm happy to have a bit of hair left!

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Hope all the mothers in USA on TR have

A Happy Mother's Day on May 13!
Say, I've noticed another little Q&A, if someone spams an "answer",
there doesn't seem to be anyway to mark it as spam, off-topic, zombie, etc...
you can click on the "flag" button, but it just sits there spinning like bald tires
on an icy road!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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Bit of a glitch

by PurpleSkys In reply to Hope all the mothers in U ...

Me thinks....I've had trouble deleting marked posts in Q&A as well.

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There seem to be a few problems in the Q&A

by NickNielsen In reply to Hope all the mothers in U ...

with the entire flagging/deleting process...

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Thanks Soni

by PurpleSkys In reply to TR Community scoreboard f ...

Hope you and all the other TR Moms have a super fantastic weekend :)

Edit to add....happy birthday to the birthday folks

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Hope y'all had a fulfilling Mothers' Day weekend!

by hippiekarl In reply to TR Community scoreboard f ...

Hard to believe I finally made the 'most posts' list---especially during a week where I was away for four days. I left right after starting a couple of 'spirited debates' (as per Slayer's hopes for the tenor of TR Discussions!); I took my sweetie to Georgia to see her daughter/grandkids for Mum's Day for the weekend. That served as the 'shakedown cruise' for my new used RV. (I couldn't honk on my way by, Nick N.; I got it in Bean Station, TN, and had to return from GA via Asheville VAMC)....

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Finially I'm in

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to TR Community scoreboard f ...

Pity I can not use the normal Browser that just works.

Now lets see if I can post anything.


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