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TR Community scoreboard for October 5, 2012

By Sonja Thompson Staff ·
Here are the TR community stats for the past week:

TR members with the most total posts on the forums
Deadly Ernest - 127
Hal 9000 - 36
Palmetto_CharlieSpencer - 35
Slayer_ - 33
maxwell edison - 26

TR members with the most Votes Up in the Discussions forum
Deadly Ernest - 81
Slayer_ and wizard57m-cnet - 29
peg110 - 22
premiertechnologist - 19
tdupont - 18

TR members with the most Votes Up in the Q&A forum
ricky321 - 3
jjtoday - 2

Spam busters
Deadly Ernest - 26
hippiekarl and jonc2011 1

Happy belated birthday to TR member Netman1988 and Head Blogs Editor Toni Bowers!

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Just a single Observation here Soni

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to TR Community scoreboard f ...

ABC Shopping whatever has far more posts than De here I know they have been posting about 17 different posts per day most of which DE has been flagging.

The day I caught then and deleted all of their posts they had 17 and I believe that was a slow day for them so they should be higher on the list than DE.

From the alerts that I've been getting I'm assuming that DE Spam Busting score is for 26 different posters not just 26 reports because he's been flagging more than that per day. :^0

And for the rest Hippo Burfsday to everyone having a burfday. And may you all receive lots of [_]3

Have a great Weekend everyone. If I survive the next few days with SWMBO beating me up I'll be very busy with her away in the Horsepital for a few days come Monday, I think it's time to throw a PARTY!.

Col ]:)

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Holy smokes!

by PurpleSkys In reply to TR Community scoreboard f ...

you had the stats posted before i even crawled outta bed this thanks though, you always do a great job
hope you and all the other great TR folks have a fantastic weekend! :)
It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada so I have no doubt we will eat too much until we're :-& .

Happy birthday to all the birthday people, may you have/had a perfect birthday day <:)

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Hey, PS!

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Holy smokes!

How's that hockey season working out for you? There's something to be thankful for!

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hockey season?!?!

by PurpleSkys In reply to Hey, PS!

don't get me started palmy....i swear, if i could hunt down Gary Betman, I would!

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If you catch him,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to hockey season?!?!

stake him in a goal and take penalty shots at him. Talk about management determined to kill the product...

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yep yep!

by PurpleSkys In reply to If you catch him,

he's not doing the game any good that's for sure

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Somebody's out of bed early this morning.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to TR Community scoreboard f ...

'Sup wi' dat? Did the Ohio River rise? Are the Louisville Cardinals on Gameday? Has Derby Week been rescheduled?

Darned if I know how I made the podium; I was offline Monday thru Wednesday.

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Thank you Sonja, good job as usual.
Happy Birthday netman and Toni!

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Daahmmn, I thought I was cuttin' back on posts, oh well!

by Deadly Ernest In reply to TR Community scoreboard f ...

Thanks for the info, Sonja.

On a side issue, can the existing censorship system be set up to also censor out certain urls. O figure if it was possible to do that, then regulars like abcshopping can have the url entered as *bcshop* and it would come out as a useless link of www.***********.com or www.a****** and make all their work a wasted effort right where they can see it as they post, and maybe save us a lot of work hunting the suckers down.

BTW do the posts flagging a spammer count towards the overall total of posts made? I'm just a wondering.

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Well Guys as I'm going to be really tied up for the next few days

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to TR Community scoreboard f ...

It's up to you Gang to take up the slack and delete all that spam while I'm being entertained at the local Horsepital. Apparently I have to have SWMBO there by 11.00 AM tomorrow as she is refusing to walk like I told her to, so it looks as if I'm going to have to waste a lot of Petrol and drive her there.

The Opp is scheduled for the late afternoon and she'll be in the hospital for 2 nights and then Chuck Out Time is 10.00 AM on Wednesday but knowing the High Quality Health Profession we'll probably be waiting another few hours to get the prescribed meds so I believe that all of Wednesday will be blown away before we get home. Naturally she's not going to walk home either so that is another day that I'll have to waste petrol to pick her up.

Only good thing is that after seeing her drive the quacks are insisting that she will be unable to drive after they finish with her so I'll have to drive her around as she is so disobedient that she simply refuses to do as I tell her to. Then playing the sick little girl she'll be insisting that she is unable to carry anything heavy like the washing around and want people to run around after her to do her work. About the only thing she'll not complain about doing is wrecking the bed and blaming me for it. But the great news is that knowing that the Daughter in Law will be cooking for her has confirmed my opinion that she'll be cooking as soon as she gets home and not run the risk of being poisoned or served up uneatable food. :^0

So over all I'll be a bit scarce for the next few days and even when I'm around I'll probably not be my usual cheerful self spreading cheer and goodwill around. Only good thing is that I have 2 X 3 inch stainless steal bolts to hold her head on after the quacks slit her neck and I have had the Snap On Tool Guy over today and got some sockets to tighten them up with so I'll be sure that her head doesn't fall off. They are massive the thread is 75 mm X 2.5 and they are 12 inches long. I'll not mention just how heavy that they are or how expensive that much Stainless Steal is either.

Very course threads on those big bolls but at the very least they shouldn't rust. Though knowing my luck she'll break the unbreakable Snap On Tools and then her head will fall off when the nuts come loose. I'll see if I can find some Industrial Strength Locktight to try to hold the nuts in place. ;\

So make sure that the place doesn't go to Rack & Ruin while I'm away as I want it in the same condition when I eventually return.

Edited to add This Thread was off the Discussion Page so I had to click on Show More and scroll down to it. When I clicked on it instead of taking me to this thread I was taken the TR's Front Page. Seems to be a fault there if anyone is reading this.

Col ]:)

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