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TR Community scoreboard for September 28, 2012

By Sonja Thompson Staff ·
Here are the TR community stats for the past week:

TR members with the most total posts on the forums
Deadly Ernest - 116
Palmetto_CharlieSpencer - 52
JCitizen - 44
OH Smeg and Slayer_ - 31
Tony Hopkinson - 28

TR members with the most Votes Up in the Discussions forum
Deadly Ernest - 142
Slayer_ - 57
BigWoodchuck - 51
Smedley54 - 26
Charles Bundy and Stalemate - 25

TR members with the most Votes Up in the Q&A forum
robo_dev - 6
OH Smeg - 3

Spam busters
Deadly Ernest - 24
Our spam busters (AKA moderators) zapped, whacked, and smacked down all other spam that wiggled and jiggled!

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Holy hurricane, Batman, how the heck did I make that many posts?

by Deadly Ernest In reply to TR Community scoreboard f ...

Anyway, I must have said something someone liked to get that many votes. I got lucky with the spammers and caught a few busy ones while they were still busy.

Come on people, make some posts, I can't be spending that much more time here than the rest of you. Anyway, my back is starting to get better and I'm getting some sleep, so I should be off writing stories again soon.

Thanks for the info, Sonja.

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Thanks Soni

by PurpleSkys In reply to TR Community scoreboard f ...

Hope you have a most fantabulous weekend :) and a happy weekend to everyone!

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Thank you, Sonja!

Hope everybody is gearing up for a great weekend! We actually received some
sort of liquid precipitation this past week...rumor has it that it is called "rain"!
Plus the cooler temps, all in all much needed relief. Drought conditions may
ease a bit, many of the red flag fire warnings have been canceled at least for
a time.
See everyone on the forums! :)

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I would have posted more but I kept

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to TR Community scoreboard f ...

getting locked out by DE.

Still it's nice that I made the list with the one of lowest number of posts ever...

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Lowest number of posts...

Now there's a mention I'd be in the running for! Most of the time I keep
quiet. Unless I'm in a humorous mood, or sometimes cantankerous!
I also try to help in the Q&A section, but many times Col beats me to
the answer on those...he uses two personalities on them and being
"down under" he's got a 12 hour or so advantage!! LOL.

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While I try to keep up with

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Lowest number of posts...

The Spammers, most of the time I find that Mr Wiz beats me to them.

Not really sure what that says about the Time Difference though.


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I've got a couple of other tools to use on the spammers...

besides checking in the forums here at the site, I've been using the
group that Tammikins setup, even though I'm not a big fan of Google,
it does come in handy. Since I took over some of the moderating
duties at ZDNet, I've found the Google Group and the ZDNet CMS
site indispensable in fighting the spammers.
One thing I've noticed is that with more moderators checking for
spammers, we're gradually discouraging the others from attempting
to spam the forums! I remember catching over 100 spams in a week
not too many months ago. I also see old spams every now and then
that probably reflect the relaxed attitude we once had in regards to
spammers. We probably will never be able to completely eliminate
spam and junk, but it is a relief to see a significant reduction in the
numbers of spammers!
aka Wiz

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I see Glenn

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I've got a couple of othe ...

Leave the rest of us to fight over the dregs and ABC Shopping. :^0

I actually got 17 from them the other day but that was a fluke as they tend to post late in the afternoon my time.


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Only that wiz beats you to the spammers operating in his time zone - nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to While I try to keep up wi ...


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Well actually

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Only that wiz beats you t ...

DE is also in on the act as I've seen him mark ABC Shopping spam lately.


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