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TR Creates Security Patch for OAW Browser

By oneamazingwriter ·
A new release from D.P. (Dyslexic Press) reports that tech advisors have created and released a major patch for a critical vulnerability in the OAW browser. The browser, known to wander aimlessly through cyber space, has now been linked to, and remains in the TR Workspace. It is fed links to information within the TR site itself and occasional short diversion outside the site, but a homing device has been implanted to insure its safe return.
Tech advisors continue to watch for irregularities and irradic behavior, uncertain at present when the release date to the general public will occur, but report improvements. They have not, as yet, found a way to keep the browser from erupting into large bursts of laughter.
Some speculation occurred regarding releasing the browser on end users to act as a temporary firewall so that those who take their work seriously can be set free from bothersome distraction. Combining the two functions, that of browser and firewall, in one unit may put TR in the lead over MS and all other software manufacturers. It might, though, prove to put them behind the eight ball, in which case a temporary virtual pool table is now being considered at the TR site.

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could that be..... (?)

by dawgit In reply to TR Creates Security Patc ...

that the Easter Bunny has tickeled somebody's funny bone? -or- Has the Tech-Rep put a browser in 'T-shirt' format? [ ] That could be indeed open-minded. (but, maybe not Open Architecture -OAW) In that case, I might like to do some open browsing ;-)
It looks like someone has been doing some 'IT' digging. (research)
Cute :-) (had me scratching my gourd) -d

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by oneamazingwriter In reply to could that be..... (?)

Scratching one's gourd and laughing while typing causes excessive edits! (Just ASK me!)

edit:See what I mean?

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by dawgit In reply to Caution!

oh, so that's been my problem. I thought is too many keys.

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"irradic behavior"

by jardinier In reply to TR Creates Security Patc ...

Is that adjective related to irradiation?

If so we are all in BIG, BIG trouble.

BTW, we call our virtual pool table the "water cooler." (More TR jargon for you to learn.)

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According to

by oneamazingwriter In reply to "irradic behavior"

Beth's Typoese Dictionary

Irradic: The abilility to irritate the **** out of those who spell properly

erratic: someone addicted to error

Ah! Both defiitions fit the OAW browser!

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by dawgit In reply to According to
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by Jaqui In reply to TR Creates Security Patc ...
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'Thought you

by oneamazingwriter In reply to ROTFLMAO

might like it, Jaqui. I shoot pool about the way I play chess. I don't win often, but I give you one heck of a good game, and have been known to cause opponents to laugh so hard, I win by default!

Feminine logic is a bit quirky but it tends to put the mile in smile. :)

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Who did you bribe?

by jardinier In reply to TR Creates Security Patc ...

At time of posting, our newest member holds the much coveted position of 69 in the top 100.

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