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By Cactus Pete ·
OK, is there any way to convince TR that it might be a good idea to allow us to sort the discussion, say, by date of post? The 300 entry threads get difficult to plod through and find a new message not yet read...

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by Oz_Media In reply to TR discussion sorting

I find that ONLY new threads are marked as new, a relly quick scroll let's me see what's new.

at least to identify the active portion of the thread.

I think TR is like a box of cholcolates, you never know....

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by Cactus Pete In reply to ?

that's what I'm left to do, but when these large discussions get unruly [double entendre] it's hard to filter as you scroll down. It's just not user friendly, I suppose.

And, if I switch machines, it's harder to remember which of the 'new' messages I've read and which I have not. So I waste a bunch of time figuring out where in the thread I left off...

It can't be that hard to add - lots of free discussion group software lets you sort by thread or by date...

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by Oz_Media In reply to Yeah..

Lots of free discussion software allows the poster to EDIT and correct spelling mistakes etc. As well as offering full HTML based code and so on, and so on. This is a technical website though, we can't expect it to make sense as well.

I agree with the second macjine thing, if I log in at a client site it is really frustrating as EVERYTHING is new.

Oh well, the site is FULL of little bugs and things that could be better, but for the most part it can be useful. At least more useful than the tech points have been.

If it was designed to be user friendly AND have a technical feel it would be nice but at least it's populated. I've found soem RAELLY good forums and tech support sites that are great but have fewer users and therefore less available support.

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return to where I was

by john_wills In reply to TR discussion sorting

When I have read a post I want to be ready to read the post answering it, not have to scroll down to the 215th heading again.

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Subtract not

by Cactus Pete In reply to return to where I was

I'm not looking for a change, I'm looking for an additional feature. Once I've read the entire book that some of these become, and I see there is one more than the 267 there used to be, I want to ump right to #268 without trying to sift through 151 of them first. Worse, I skip it accidentally and become baffled as to where someone wrote something.

I'd like options:

Next by date
Previous by date
Next by thread
Previous by thread

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I would like

by Oz_Media In reply to Subtract not

A three foot tall woman with a beer cooler for a brain. I can't see it happening yet, maybe if I offer some tech points!

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Oh, I forgot this point

by Cactus Pete In reply to Subtract not

When I forget the correct current number of posts to a particular discussion, if the number has not increased, i'll look for it - in vain... Having the most recent at the end [or top] of the list would help there...

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Actually they should use ...

by TomSal In reply to TR discussion sorting

completely different discussion board software. This one works, but its kinda lame in the features department when compared to some other discussion boards.

The company obviously has some money so I don't see the reason behind not upgrading the board software.

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In addition to editin gand HTML code,

by Oz_Media In reply to Actually they should use ...

It would be nice to see the QUOTE feature added.

This lets you simply read a post and highlight a seclction you wish to respond to and click QUOTE. It then opens a response window with the original posters comments quoted, generally in a shaded or dialog boxed window.

This also removes the need for linked thtreads, however that's a nice feature, because you don't HAVE to post underneath someone's post directly in order for them to remeber what you are responding to.

This that and the other, good thing it's such a useful site, they'd be dead in the water as just a BBS.

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another example

by Cactus Pete In reply to TR discussion sorting

When taking a day off, or having a long weekend, or whatever [even travel does this] I might miss a day of TR. This causes me to lose track of where in the discussion I left off, so sorting by date would help me here...

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