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TR GeekGirls - over here! Call to arms!

By gadgetgirl ·
Brief overview.....

Mae, in one of her brilliant one liners, suggested a Men of TR Calendar.....

Jaqui is already nominated as Mr. January. We now need prospectives for the other months.

Oh, and the outfits they'll be wearing.....and yes, I've already had muttleyfits over that!

So - who do you see in which month of the calendar and why? Wearing what?

Come on, girls, time to get our own back!

Hey, if we can REALLY get them to do this, we can donate to Tig2's Breast Cancer charities....

(How apt ..... ]:) )

So Jaqui, as Mr. January is sending me the link to his outfit (his requested outfit, I may add) and he's taking January as he NEEDS a cold and gloomy month.

He'd have too much fun, otherwise....

Standing by for nominations, girls!



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by maecuff In reply to TR GeekGirls - over here! ...

Well...Neil would have to have a beer in his hands.. perhaps, that, tighty whities and a smile?? May?

Max, he does need a silver hammer. And a tweed jacket. And a pipe. September?

Oz, I dunno..something outdoorsy. A good candidate for June or July?

This is going to take some thought. And, quite frankly, the thoughts will have to venture into some disturbing areas. :)

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Trust me in this

by neilb@uk In reply to GG

You do not want to see me without clothes! Disturbing areas would not be the half of it!

The beer sounds good, though, but WHAT are tighty whities?

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by Shellbot In reply to Trust me in this

this is gonna be fun..let me think on this for the evening.. ]:)

what would JD lok good in..and how about Dawg..i'll get back to ya

tighty whiteys..briefs..white ones..*purr*

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Sorry Neil

by Tig2 In reply to Trust me in this

Tighty whities- Americanism for basic mens briefs. The do NOTHING for you.

Now boxers might also be a thought. I shall have to consider...

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by k.dombek In reply to Sorry Neil

Hmm - then you ain't seen them on the right guy

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by BFilmFan In reply to Trust me in this

Someone told you before I could say tighty whities were 2 Republicans from Texas in a hip-hop bar in Oakland. LMAO

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good ideas

by ITgirli In reply to GG

I agree Oz should be june or july. he needs a bourbon in hand and the background should be the horse track.

Max should be in a dark blue suit with a white shirt. solid tie. and waving a large american flag. September is okay, or November (election season).

I think JD should have October. he likes his costumes

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Good One GG!

by Tig2 In reply to TR GeekGirls - over here! ...

I have to speak up and nominate JD for Mr March- 4 leaf clover, strategically placed, of course!

I like the Dawg Suit thing. I am just not certain what month is best. Humane Society Awareness??? That would make him Mr. April. (All US dates- Sorry).

I know that the Breast Cancer 3 Day would appreciate everyone's effort!

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i second that

by Shellbot In reply to Good One GG!

JD - Mr March..brilliant

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by jdclyde In reply to i second that

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